Ukraine in 2016 have fallen off the export of scrap metal

Ukrainian companies in transactions with ferrous scrap in 2016 has reduced its exports at 77.5% compared to 2015 – to 272,569 thousand tons (for the year 2015 with nearly 1 million 212,558 thousand tons).

According to customs statistics released by the State fiscal service of Ukraine on Friday, the scrap export in money terms decreased by 83.3% to 48,623 million dollars (290,338 million).

In particular, in July-September the export of scrap metal was missing in October amounted to 6,844 thousand tons, in November – 11,862 thousand tons, in December – 20,485 tons.

The decline in exports of scrap was due to a temporary judicial ban on the export of this strategic raw materials, as well as a temporary increase of export duties.

In addition, in 2016, the country increased its import of metal scrap in volume terms at 8.1% compared to 2015 – to 21,911 thousand tonnes (2015 imported 2,689 thousand tons). In monetary terms, the imports increased by 3.4 times – up to 9,590 thousand dollars.

The import of scrap metal last year were mainly from Turkey (68,93% of deliveries in money terms) and Slovakia (23,98%), the export to Turkey (99,53%).

As reported, Ukraine in 2015 increased its exports of ferrous scrap by 29.4% or 31.5% (depending on a comparable basis) compared to 2014 year – up to 1 million 212,558 thousand tons (in 2014, according to customs, exported 936,937 thousand tons, according to the state statistics 921,938 thousand tons).

The country reduced the import of scrap metal in terms of 90.5% compared to 2014 year – up to 2,689 thousand tons (in 2014 imported 28,367 thousand tons). In monetary terms, the import was reduced by 81,5% to 2,798 million dollars.

The import was mainly from Turkey (93,56% of the supply in monetary terms) and Moldova (3,15%), the export to Turkey (78,45%) and Moldova (of 19.27%).

Metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine in 2014-2015 has repeatedly experienced difficulties in providing scrap metal, continuing shortage of scrap in 2016.