The fingers tell all about a person

Scientists have put forward the unusual hypothesis about human fingers. According to experts, to determine the duration of human life, success, and even the size of the genital organs using the ratio between index and ring fingers, writes “Orthodox”.

As told by the researchers to determine the financial aspect, in the experiment, were involved 700 men and 900 women, aged from 25 to 60 years. After we measured the length of their ring and index fingers. Notably, the smaller the distance between the two fingers, the higher a person’s income.

In addition, the experts tried to determine the size of reproductive organ in men. The smaller was the length of the fingers of young people, the less their sexual organ. It is also easily possible to learn about mental health issues. For example, the short index and long ring fingers indicate a tendency to the development of diseases such as ADHD and autism for men and depression for women.