Powerful PR chief Putin is accused of “trampoline”. Trump calls the fight in the Kremlin

Unexpected, to put it mildly, the scene played out recently in front of a powerful propaganda on Putin’s Russia Today:

“There is no cult of trump in our media,” shouted loyal to Putin and the nationalists were waving the black and orange flags, the symbol of Putin’s Russian nationalism.

The nationalists opposed the Kremlin propaganda chief Dmitry Kiselyov, calling him an errand boy of Donald trump (Donald Trump).

“Kiselyov — a man trump,” — said the head of the National liberation movement of the NODE and accused the head of television in the “conspiracy against Putin”.

TV grotesque circus of Russia

Last week, the head of Putin’s TV Kiselev spoke out strongly about some of the most influential Russian nationalists, in particular, about the ultra-conservative Vitaly Milonov. He made a career out of Putin’s party “United Russia” due to the fact that abused people based on sexual orientation and “men with naked torso”.

“Stupid, grotesque, retarded, a traveling circus” — this expression was used by Kiselev.

Usually the Kremlin’s head of TV, who made broadcast news continuous PR show for Putin scolding the West, homosexuals, the EU, NATO and the United States.

In one of his broadcasts Kiselev threatened U.S. nuclear weapons capable of turning this country into radioactive ash. Last fall, he compared Barack Obama (Barack Obama) a monkey.

The hatred and hostility of the ruling elite to Putin

From the moment Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the Alliance between the moderate groups and radical nationalists was provided by Putin to 86% of the vote.

So-called “Crimean consensus” contributed to the fact that various sectors of society have United into the “Patriotic front” support to Putin. The connecting point here is the annexation of Crimea, war in Ukraine and criticism of the West, EU, NATO and the United States.

Nationalists and National liberation movement of the GCD received a large sum of money, a seat in Parliament and the frequent mention in the media.

But despite this, there is deep division and disagreement over economic policy and the future path of Russia’s development.

Nationalists organized attacks on art exhibitions, theatres, the media and the opposition. They consider it their duty to “cleanse Russia of traitors.”

Last fall, the nationalists were doused with urine that, in their opinion, was “ugly and naked pictures” at an exhibition in Moscow.

Shortly before Christmas, the nationalists made sure that Ivan the terrible was one of the most important heroes of Russia.

The speech of the chief propaganda against the nationalists

Kiselev walked sharply to the nationalists in his weekly program “Vesti Nedeli” on the largest TV channel of Russia.

Russian nationalists are an important part of the high popularity of President Vladimir Putin.

And, by the way, they received a number of new posts.

The TV Director has criticized Russian nationalists, who until recently was its important allies.

He also condemned some ultra-conservative politicians in the Duma, Vitaly Milonov of the type and organization “Officers of Russia”.

“Obviously the low level of dispute,” — said Kiselev.

The battle between the patriots

Conflict in the “Grand coalition” Putin intensified even more on Monday.

Member of the Council and leader of the nationalist Yevgeny Fyodorov with a private information Agency organized a press-conference.

In it, he called the liar Putin’s chief TV. Fedorov said that the nationalists have the support of millions, and demanded that the media told the truth, which refuses to talk Kiselev. Fedorov called modern TV with Swan lake and debris.

An example of what kind of TV do nationalists want to have, is the ultra-nationalist network edition “Constantinople”. Here glorifies militarism, Putin and the Church. War with the West, NATO and Ukraine is considered to be almost inevitable, and is called divine duty.

Why Putin’s allies clutched each other’s throats?

Violent conflict can be interpreted as the beginning of an important battle for further development of the Putin regime:

1. Kiselev years of rule by the propaganda machine of the Kremlin under Putin’s desire. Most believe that he dared to criticize the nationalists without the support of the Kremlin. This may indicate that Putin is so confident of his popularity, he doesn’t need ultra-nationalist groups.

2. Numerous polls show that the majority of Russian citizens more likely to be worried about the economy, stability and improvement of living conditions. The new head of the presidential administration Sergey Kirienko several times sent signals that the Kremlin wants to change its course.

3. Absolutely another explanation is that nationalists feel powerful enough to attack even the closest supporters of Putin and accuse them as “the American conspirators”.

“The radical wing has seen success and wants more,” — said the newspaper “Kommersant”.

There is a battle between patriots.