What exactly does “US first”? First appearance of the tramp in Congress

On February 28 the President of the United States trump’s first appearance in Congress. It is expected that he will present the course, concerns not only Russia, North Korea, the Middle East and other issues of diplomacy and security, but also economic policy: tax cuts and infrastructure investment. The point is whether trump, who proclaimed during the election campaign the slogan “USA first”, to concretize measures for its implementation.

Annual address the US President’s speech to Congress in January, but this year the performance of the new President shifted.

The most important task of the President’s policies trump in the sphere of diplomacy and security is to cooperate with Russia on the middle East. During the election campaign, trump expressed his intention to present a United front with Russia and the Assad administration in order to stop the civil war in Syria. If this happens, the policy will be quite different from the actions of the Obama administration.

However, there is a danger that this will cause chaos in the middle East. Western countries who are willing to admit the Assad administration used chemical weapons against its own people, no. President trump is set firmly against Iran, cooperating with Russia on the Syrian issue. In addition, the American leader is not much concerned with relations with Israel.

Donald trump also hinted that he is willing to use the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions as a bargaining chip in negotiations on nuclear reduction. At the same time he expressed his desire to strengthen the nuclear power. That is, in his words, many inconsistencies, therefore it is difficult to understand his true intentions.

With regard to the North Korean threat, then, presumably, it will require that China used its influence on North Korea. February 11, Korea launched a ballistic missile. Commenting on this during an interview 23 February, trump said: “I’m furious. It is very unfair to Japan”. In order to resolve the DPRK issue, the U.S. President called for more pressure on North Korea: “It’s easy to do if you want China”.

Washington intends to weaken China in the field of trade and the exchange rate. He also criticizes the PRC in connection with the problem of North Korea and the expansion in the South China sea. Since this is directly related to the security of Japan and other allies in Asia, it is important whether the trump offer the most specific measures.

Also interesting will adjust if trump their harsh statements targeting voters. In his speech to the conservative policies February 24, trump has repeatedly criticized the Democratic party. However, to carry out radical reforms, including budget and amendments to the legislation requires the concerted action of both parties in Congress. One of the biggest campaign promises is the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. However, it’s not like Congress will approve a huge cost of this project.

Little measures that can be taken only under the authority of the President. President trump issued a decree limiting the entry of refugees and immigrants, but a Federal court blocked it. Usually the presidents of the United States are looking for cooperation in Congress. After joining his office, President Obama has refrained from criticism of his predecessor, President Bush. He called for cooperation between all parties.

The struggle for power in the White house will also help to foresee the next steps of the administration trump. To seize the initiative in the White house in the absence of consultation with ministries and departments, including the ban on the entry of residents of the seven Islamic countries that tried the chief Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump Stephen Bannon (Stephen Bannon) and other representatives of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

The Vice President of the United States Michael Pence (Michael Pence), Secretary of state USA Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) and the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis (James Mattis) during trips abroad marked the course, which is consistent with the policy of previous administrations. Whether it’s the radical course, which led to the victory in the presidential election? Or it could be a realistic course against the background of cooperation with the leading faction in the Republican party and various departments? Yet the American authorities are acting erratically.