Kiev wants to bring the NATO army in Donbass

If the number of bombings and almost halved in the last 48 hours due to Poroshenko’s visit to Washington, we should not see this as a long-term trend, this is just the calm before the storm. Furthermore exploration DNR recorded the movement of heavy artillery of Ukrainian army near Donetsk. It makes you wary of a sharp aggravation of the situation, as soon as Poroshenko’s visit to USA and meeting in Minsk.

The recent statements of Ukrainian officials leave no doubt about their intentions: they want to bring NATO and US forces to Ukraine, especially in Donbass. So, Chairman of the Rada of Andriy paruby said about the need for Ukraine to sign a bilateral security agreement, which should include the “organization of special operations, the establishment of joint scientific-technical projects and even the deployment on the territory of Ukraine military forces of the United States.” He also requested to grant Ukraine a lethal weapon (which already has a place in reality, but unofficially). It is difficult to speak clearly.

And while after a meeting with Donald trump Poroshenko said about the desire of the President of the United States to expand military-technical cooperation with Ukraine, the White house, for its part, made a more concise statement, which says that the us President discussed with his Ukrainian counterpart “commitment to a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the East of Ukraine and current issues concerning the reform and strengthening of the fight against corruption facing Poroshenko.”

Meeting of the Vice-President of the United States with Poroshenko was more meaningful, but statements that have been made on it, was reduced approximately to one and the same: the commitment to the peaceful resolution of the conflict and the implementation of the Minsk agreements, as well as the importance of reforms in particular in the fight against corruption.

It was not about any military-technical cooperation, which Poroshenko said in their statements. You might think that the participants attended various meetings, Poroshenko or wishful thinking in the hope that his statement will help the dream become a reality.

And it is impossible to say that were not used every possible provocation to the US military entered the Donbass. For example, the death of an American observer of the OSCE mission in April of this year in the LC, when the machine is mission hit a landmine most likely installed Ukrainian saboteurs. So the UN, which is responsible for investigating, behaves quite “weird” for two months delaying the case, while against Kiev there is irrefutable evidence.

Two former OSCE observer who worked in the mission when he was killed their American colleague, confirmed that UN experts are examining the explosive device as well as photo and video materials came to the conclusion that the device was detonated remotely and installed on the Ukrainian side.

After the data was transferred to the Deputy UN Secretary Jeffrey Feltman (Jeffrey Feltman), access to the file was limited to a small number of employees who were ordered not to disclose its contents neither the press nor other state bodies. The same thing happened to a dossier on the crash of MH17: the investigation was classified and buried.

After a failed attempt by the Ukrainian secret service yesterday tried to stage a new provocation in Yasinovataya, sending people there dressed in military uniform to intimidate the observers of the OSCE. Military DNR conducted an operation to intercept, during which the specified persons were detained. They traveled by car with Ukrainian numbers, and, as it turned out, was neither military, nor members of any structures for maintaining order DNI. At the moment they are interrogated to find out from whom they received orders.

In the same vein as statements about non-existent negotiations, Ukraine has asked the United States to impose sanctions countries that participate in the project “Northern stream-2”, on the grounds that the project threatens European unity (only…). I must say that Ukraine has nothing to worry about. This project will deprive it of significant financial investments and leverage on Russia and Europe for the transit of Russian gas on its territory.

Covered Russophobic fever, Ukraine no longer wants to buy gas directly from Russia, but buys it the same, but more expensive in Europe and requires that the gas (coming from the aggressor) was the only transit through its territory. If you want to find logic and consistency in this nonsense — good luck!

And this universal inconsistency exists not only in Kiev but also present many of the supporters of Ukraine after the Maidan, as, for example, Nobel prize winner Svetlana Aleksievich, who in an interview with Regnum leads us to a passage from the anthology at the inconsistency that prevails among the recognized Russophobes.

The most amazing example in this interview applies double standards in relation to the killings of journalists. On the one hand it requires that tens of thousands of Russians took to the streets to commemorate the death of Anna Politkovskaya. On the other hand, it justifies the murder of Oleg Elderberry in Ukraine on the grounds that its statements “caused a fierce reaction”.

I urge everyone to read this interview. It is very instructive for many reasons. In addition, at some point, feeling that she contradicts herself, the author eventually forbidden to publish this interview. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for us, Regnum prior consent of the author to publish this interview. The Agency has published an interview and he has the record for wanting to check it out. If after you read this interview you have the feeling that you were in the fourth dimension is good. This means that you are a normal person and are of sound mind.

And while Nobel laureates are clueless nonsense to justify the war in the Donbass continue to die under the bombs civilians. So, this morning died in hospital seriously wounded on Monday in Yasinovataya an elderly woman, another victim of the conflict. And this is while the UN is concerned about the sharp increase in the number of civilian casualties since the beginning of the year. In the period from 1 January to 18 June 2017, it killed 67 people and wounded 308.