How to develop abilities of the child using toys

Childhood cannot be imagined without many toys. As in human warmth, every baby needs its own set of toys, regardless of the year or he or he has to go to school, according to the magazine “Liza”.

Dolls know how to treat

Doll therapy is a very effective method of psychological correction when working with children of any age. Medicinal properties of toys was opened in 1926 neurologist Malcolm Wright from Wales. He suggested the use of puppet theatre to relieve nervousness in children. The essence of the technique is simple: the child can hide behind the doll behind the screen.

Has the healing effect of the use of drama involving kids, and conversations with a doll that is of concern, and the manufacture of dolls with their own hands.

Games can be constructed as in the famous story, and on his own scripts:

  • This baby feels like a true Creator of the events: he is an actor, Director, and screenwriter.
  • Private or “puppet” voice, he pronounces the experiences and overcomes them.
  • A very useful session cyclotherapy in front of some frightening event (e.g., grafting). Losing story character – the outsider character, the child relieves emotional stress and anxiety. After all, every tale is sure to a good end. By the way, doll, you can use a variety: regular, finger puppets or glove.

Simple, but effective therapy has beneficial effects on the child’s psyche: helps overcome self-doubt, anxiety, aggression, jealousy. Choosing the hero, hiding behind his back, reciting (often unknowingly) their problems by the mouth of the doll, the child unwittingly adjusts behavior, getting rid of the psychological ballast (and sometimes even stuttering).

Doll therapy is also useful for perfectly healthy kids: it intensively develops speech, enriches the vocabulary and the emotional sphere, develops memory, imagination and creative abilities of the child, teaches to arbitrarily hold the attention (watching the plot view), logic and independent thinking.

When buying toys remember: they must be interesting and useful:

  • No need to force the child to throw out broken or outdated toys. With each bound his joys and experiences. It’s his real friends are. It is better to refurbish them and give to kindergarten or baby house.
  • If you notice that the baby is long it takes up some toy, so she he now just not needed. Hide it away, and after some time its appearance will cause him new interest.
  • Give your kids the fun new games, not only at birthdays and New year, but just for a good mood. Note: no amount of dolls and cars will not replace the child the joy of playing with their parents.