Returns to Ukraine, a heat wave: weather forecasts for a week

In Ukraine already in the environment is expected to significantly warming. So, in the South of the country the temperature will reach 34 degrees. According to weather forecasts, the first half of the weekend will be rainy and relatively cool, and the other half hot and cloudy. The website “Today” found out what weather to wait for the Ukrainians this week.

The weather forecast for a week

15 Aug thunderstorms are expected in Central, South and North of Ukraine. At the same time in the West and the East, according to weather forecasts Ukrgidromettsentra, partly cloudy weather is expected. Relatively hot weather in the southern regions. Here the temperature will vary between 32 to 34 degrees above zero. In the East, the day temperature may rise to 32 degrees. In the Central and North – from 27 to 29 degrees. Cool weather in the West. Here the thermometer column will fluctuate in the range of 23-25 degrees Celsius.

Photo: Reuters

Wednesday, August 16, on the territory of Western Ukraine is expected warming up to 27-29 degrees above zero. Precipitation is not expected clear Gpink cyclone on this day will cover the territory of the South, center and North of the country. While in the southern regions the temperature will vary between 32-34 degrees in the center and North, from 27 to 29 degrees.

In the East of Ukraine, partly cloudy. Day temperature will rise up to 31-33 degrees.

Photo: Reuters

17 Aug storm cyclone will move to the West of Ukraine. Here, in spite of thunderstorms is expected warming up to 29-31 degrees Celsius. In the rest of this day weather forecasters predict a slight cloudiness. Warming is expected throughout the country: in the South and in the centre to 32 degrees North to 30 to 31 degrees, and in the East the thermometer to climb to 32-34 degrees.

Photo: Reuters

18 Aug forecasters predict the rains in Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhia, Donetsk and Sumy regions. The rest of the – partly cloudy. Throughout the country the temperature rises above 30 degrees Celsius. The hottest weather is in the East. Here is expected to be 36 degrees above zero during the day. In the South the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 31-34 degrees in the center and North – from 30 to 32 degrees, and in the West of Ukraine, from 28 to 31 degrees Celsius.

National weather forecast

15 August marks the transfer from Jerusalem to Constantinople of the relics of Protomartyr Stephen (Stepan), informs a portal “Weatherman”. Stepan is the patron Saint of horses. Our ancestors noticed, what is the weather in Stepan – like September. And on what days 15-19 of August, determined the weather in September-January.

16 Aug revered the memory of the monk Anthony the Roman, Wonderworker of Novgorod. The people of St. Anton called Vihrova, as this day is often wind, by which to judge the coming winter. If Anton’s vortex, expect a snowy winter. Back in the old days noticed what this day is this October.

August 17 is the commemoration day of St. Evdokia (Avdotya). Rains at this time are in broad daylight, no lightning and thunder. On this day judged on next November: “What is Avdotya is November.” If the day is Sunny, clear, and November will be fine, and if it is overcast and raining to be grey and foggy.

18 Aug revered the memory of St. Evstigney. In the old days on the Evstigney eat raw onions with bread, salt and kvass, why it was healthy. And in the room hung bunches of bulbs – the air was clean. In the old days this day determined the weather for December: “What is Evstigney – like December”.

August 19, the feast day of the Transfiguration of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ. In the old days noticed that with the Savior “weather is changing”. The weather forecast for this day indicated for the upcoming autumn: “What is the day in the Second Saved, so is the Cover (14.10)”. If the day was dry, and the autumn will be dry, wet, wet autumn, and if clear, should prepare for a harsh winter.