The continuation of the blockade in the Donbass threatens to stop the metallurgical enterprises.

The continued blockade on the demarcation line in the Donbas in the short term can lead to a halt of Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises, said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“In the short term this will lead to a stop of metallurgical enterprises, because the necessary coal and other components for the steel industry even in foreign countries today are not enough to ensure potential of Ukraine”, – said Groisman on Thursday at the briefing in Kharkiv.

He noted that the steel industry plays a significant role in the economy and problems in the industry can lead to serious socio-economic consequences.

“If you stop the Ukrainian steel industry, which forms 12% of GDP and 20% of foreign exchange earnings in the country, it will undermine the national currency in the future will stop at the complex, which employs about 300 thousand people. And this is – and contributions to local budgets, and salaries of people. This can lead to very strong destructive consequences,” – said Groisman.

He stressed that in such a scenario of development of events interested “enemies of Ukraine, including foreign”. The Prime Minister also stressed that he is ready for dialogue with the blockers to ensure control over transportation of goods.

“I’m ready for interaction and dialogue with those who block to restore order on the transport of goods, but it must be public control, the public needs to provide. I’m totally up for constructive interaction and strongly against any smuggling,” – said Groisman.

We will remind, on Donbass lasts the blockade of the coal, with the active participation of several people’s deputies of Ukraine. Upon blocking of railway lines in the Luhansk oblast Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings.

The country will enter a state of emergency in the energy sector – the necessary generation anthracite coal is mined only in the occupied territories. Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has said that current energy crisis in Ukraine was created artificially.

The website “Today” to find out the threat is a blockade of Donbass. According to experts, the consequences could be disastrous.