Dangerous military provocations of Russia and China around the world: the struggle for hegemony after the pandemic and data on the vaccine (Yahoo News Japan, Japan)

At the end of September last year the following incident took place. Location — base of the U.S. Navy in Norfolk, Virginia, where the headquarters detachment of six Navy seals, are the special forces of the U.S. Navy. A few Chinese and Chinese women tried on the car to drive through the checkpoint.

The guards ordered them to stop, to turn around and leave the base. However, they rode on toward them went the fire truck that blocked the road, and arrested the Chinese.

They told obvious lies that do not understand English. US deported two Chinese, one of whom was a spy under the cover of diplomatic status. Such methods of penetration on someone else’s territory “by accident,” China uses and in close proximity to the Senkaku Islands and East China sea, and on the border with India.

However, this time the situation is slightly different. Because of infection with the novel coronavirus an American aircraft carrier has deviated from the usual route. As soon as there is vacuum, the Chinese aircraft carrier “Liaoning” was sent to the Taiwan Strait in Beijing so American troops circled around the finger.

Given postpandemic the Chinese army showed the intention to wrest hegemony from the hands of the us. The focus of the world community are research and development of vaccines against covid-19. It is reported that China is liberatively activity to get information. In this regard, the U.S. Cyber command and the national security Agency enhance vigilance.

Russia and China continue to throw dangerous military challenges to the United States and its allies, who are struggling with the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. In the US there is a new discussion — “Who will trigger world war?” (Foreign Policy magazine).

The impressive equipment of the marine Corps of the United States “Tomahawks”

For Japan, the Chinese provocations are of greatest concern in the East China sea. According to the office of naval intelligence of the United States, the Chinese Navy for more than 25 years engaged in the modernization of equipment.

By the end of fiscal year 2020 the number of Chinese warships is 360 units. This is much more than in the United States — 297 units. In 2025 China will have 400 vehicles in 2030 — 425 ships. In turn, only the United States has prepared a plan to return to the previous level — 355 ships.

In 2012 China commissioned its first aircraft carrier — “Liaoning”. In December last year has been adopted a second aircraft carrier — “Shandong”. Moreover, now a third is under construction, which should be launching in 2024. And in 2021 will begin construction of a fourth carrier.

It is assumed that only China will have four to six carriers. The US has 11 such ships. In the Pacific ocean deployed three us aircraft carrier, and this means that the Chinese will be more. Moreover, the concern of the Chinese Arsenal of medium-range missiles.

The Soviet-American Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range American army could not have missiles with a range of 500 — 5,500 kilometers. During this time, China has developed and produced about two thousand of medium-range missiles, including ballistic missiles, “Dongfeng-21D”, which called the killers of aircraft carriers.

To reduce this missile separation from China, the United States began to restore the building. March 5 at a meeting of the military Commission of the Senate, the commandant of the marine corps of the United States David Berger (David Berger) has revealed the unexpected information that the case will be transferred to the “Tomahawk”.

They are known for on land operations during the Gulf War in 1991. Run them with the larger ships of the U.S. Navy. However, in 2023 for attacks on Chinese ships, “Tomahawks” will begin to equip the marine corps small ships which are characterized by high mobility.

In 2021 will begin delivery in 2022, will conduct tests and exercises, and in 2023 the missiles will be taken on Board. In 2021 will purchase 48 “Tomahawk” in the amount of $ 125 million. Earlier the American troops were not anti-ship missiles, but now the Tomahawks will face the Chinese “Dongfeng-21D”.

A higher priority than the “aegis Ashore” (Aegis Ashore)

The purpose of the American troops is to form a threat to the Chinese army in combination with similar missiles of Japan and Taiwan.

Apparently, the Japanese rocket is 12 anti-ship missiles of the type that are deployed on the basis of the self-defense forces in Miyakojima, with the missiles of a class “earth-air”. With a range of 12 type — 100 kilometers, “Tomahawk” — more than 1,600 kilometers. It is likely that Japan will play a role in the implementation of the American strategy.

However, the top command of the American forces believes that this is not enough. Stealth bombers the next-generation In-21, which will be adopted in 2025, it is planned to equip anti-ship missiles. Similar missiles have begun to be installed on fighter-bombers, the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and b-1.

It is obvious that the US army gave priority to the strategy of blocking the nomination of Chinese forces in the Western Pacific ocean on the first island chain from Japan to Taiwan by strengthening the capacity of missiles against Chinese ships.

Moreover, in February this year, the Philippines unilaterally tore up the agreement on the legal status of American troops (then rode it), so due to the destabilization of relations with the Philippines Washington strengthens cooperation with Japan and Taiwan.

Defense Minister Taro Kono announced the abandonment of the project of placing the “aegis Ashore”. As reasons he mentioned only the problems in the field of technology and costs. However, I have no doubt that also applied American politics and policy.

Obviously, the Japanese Minister understand that the strategy against China’s naval forces is a priority for the United States. We must assume that from now Japan will need to strengthen the missile forces against the Chinese ships.

Us aircraft carrier at the time left the Western part of the Pacific ocean

However almost simultaneously with the start of the new American strategy against the Chinese Navy the U.S. Navy has covered the epidemic of the novel coronavirus. On 24 March it became known that the ill a three-member team of us nuclear-powered aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”. Then the infection spread further.

On 27 March, the ship stopped at the port of GUAM and landed about four thousand men, and then left the port. In the end, the aircraft carrier has infected more than a thousand people, and about two months the ship was in GUAM. Thus, since the end of March, American troops have restricted travel and other activities to prevent an epidemic.

According to June 19, the U.S. Navy contracted 2850 people. In total, the Ministry of defence the number of cases exceeded 13 thousand people. “Theodore Roosevelt” departed GUAM on may 20. Prior to that, in the Western Pacific ocean, American aircraft carriers were absent.

In this regard, in April the Chinese Navy have taken different actions. April 2 in the South China sea coast guard ship of China near the Paracel Islands collided with a Vietnamese fishing boat, causing the latter sank.

April 10, Chinese fighters and bombers conducted exercises: flying over the Strait Bashi from Taiwan and entered the Western Pacific ocean. On 11 April, the aircraft carrier “Liaoning” went to the South, between Okinawa and Miyakojima, and then sailed near Taiwan.

28 APR six Chinese ships, including “Liaoning”, took place in the North 80 km to the Southeast of Miyakojima. This is the first case of passing in both directions between Okinawa and Miyakojima. In fact, in this period, the area from the South to the East China sea was under the control of the Chinese aircraft carrier.

In mid-June, the US Navy was sent to the Pacific region of the carrier. “Ronald Reagan” from the base in Yokosuka and “Theodore Roosevelt” were in the area of the Philippines, and “Nimitz” in the Eastern Pacific ocean. Once again was demonstrated the quick response of American forces.

Last time in the Pacific ocean deployed three aircraft carrier in November of 2017, when he aggravated the situation around North Korea. The goal is in putting pressure on China. However, the fact of granting temporary freedom to the Chinese ships are not going anywhere.

Record a series of appearances in the territorial waters of the Senkaku Islands

Chinese coast guard ships continue to enter the area of the Senkaku Islands. According to 23 June, the Chinese vessels appeared 71 days in a row, including the surrounding area of the archipelago. After the nationalization of the Senkaku Islands in September 2012, this record is constantly updated. May 8 incident, during which Chinese ships “circled” around the Japanese fishing boat. A growing number of fishermen who avoid dangerous situations, refuse from fishing.

In 2018 the Chinese coast guard became part of the Military Council of the CPC Central Committee. In wartime reports to the army. Impressive consolidation and militarization of the coast guard ships. Several times in Japanese territorial waters at the same time consisted of three ships with a displacement of more than three thousand tons.

Taking into account the possible aggression on Taiwan in the future, perhaps Beijing’s goal is to test the capabilities of the coast guard and Maritime self-defense forces of Japan. Therefore, the Chinese ships enter territorial waters.

Also there is a possibility that the Chinese Navy specify the time response of American troops. The U.S. claim that Senkaku Islands is under the control of Japan, but do not recognize its territorial rights.

The U.S. Navy and the naval defense forces of Japan conducted exercises in the South China sea, near Senkaku maneuvers are not organized. Therefore, it is unclear how to react to the American army, if something happens.

Moreover, Chinese submarines also become much more active. Presumably, June 18 in the area adjacent to the island of Oshima (Kagoshima Prefecture) area, westward sailed the Chinese submarine. It was not included in the territorial waters of Japan, so the coast guard was not involved.

From January 2018 in the area was recorded eight foreign submarines, mostly Chinese. Despite the fact that the emergence of the Chinese Navy has become commonplace, the Ministry of defense of Japan effective measures does not accept.

Russia has anti-satellite missile

The American army is severely reduced its activities were suspended move units worldwide and canceled military exercises with foreign troops. Meanwhile, in Europe and the middle East became more frequent provocations.

April 15 to the American anti-submarine patrol aircraft P-8, flying on the international zone over the Mediterranean sea, closer to eight feet — approached the Russian su-35. On 8 April, two Russian anti-submarine aircraft Il-38 flew in the zone of identification of air defense near the Aleutian Islands. The alarm was raised by air force fighters U.S. F-22.

Russian planes have not abandoned the threat of action, for example, convergence to eight meters. Recently, the American newspaper the New York Times reported that the Russian space forces tested anti-satellite missiles.

Thus, Russia showed that it could destroy American spy satellites and to disrupt the functioning of the GPS system. In addition, the same day 11 Iranian warships of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps approached the six us military ships in the Persian Gulf. They were extremely provocative: was close about thirty feet to the American ships, along with helicopters conducted exercises in the open sea.

The extraction of information about the vaccine with the help of cyber attacks

Against the background of a pandemic the world’s attention is riveted to the data on the vaccine. May 13, the FBI and the Agency kiberbezopasnosti and infrastructure (CISA) warned that research centers covid-19 may be subject to cyber attacks from China and other countries.

According to them, a Chinese government organization trying to get valuable information about health and vaccines, methods of treatment and tests. It is unknown what actions are taken by the Chinese authorities, but there is information that “they pose a global threat to U.S. measures against a new coronavirus”.

CISA particular country does not mention, however, the greatest cyberactivist are China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The New York Times reported that information about the virus will also try to get South Korea and Vietnam. This became known thanks to the investigation by private security company.

South Korea is targeting who, the DPRK, Japan and the United States. If the information on its action against the United States and Japan are confirmed, this will inevitably result in a diplomatic problem. Japan needs to clarify this information.

Reportedly, the vaccine trials are successful while only 6%; 130 of vaccines under development, the positive results are recorded only in eight or nine cases. If some company or research Institute succeed in developing a vaccine, it will bring huge profit and will contribute to public health, therefore, using any means, including cyber attacks.

War or peace?

Will the pandemic of the novel coronavirus and the sharp economic downturn caused by it, to a world war? Former Deputy Minister of defense for political Affairs, Michele Flournoy (Michèle Flournoy) (now senior researcher at the Center for science and international relations name of Alferov) expresses his fears: “because of the reduction in force United States China can be calculated in the assessment”. She calls to prevent war in Asia.

In turn, the mit Professor Barry Posen (Barry Posen) considers that this situation, on the contrary, can strengthen the world. According to him, it often happens that country from complacency and start wars, but the pessimism caused by the pandemic, should contribute to the world.