Not a single Efremov: which celebrities were the culprit

Not a single Efremov: which celebrities were the culprit

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Remember the most high-profile road accidents with participation of stars

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

the editor of the Show business

Russian actor Mikhail Yefremov on June 8 made a fatal accident in Moscow. Driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, the artist has developed through a continuous and jumped into the oncoming traffic lane, almost collided with a small van “Lada”. Driver – 57-year-old Sergey Zakharov – from the received traumas has died in resuscitation in the morning.

Now the actor faces up to 12 years of imprisonment. At the moment the court chose the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest for two months he will spend in his apartment on Plotnikov pereulok. It’s already been delivered to the place.

This is not the first case when a celebrity becomes the culprit of the accident with a fatal outcome. We invite you to recall the most high-profile tragic road accidents with participation of celebrities.

Konstantin Meladze

Producer and composer Konstantin Meladze Photo:

27 Dec 2012 well-known producer Konstantin Meladze knocked down to death 30-year-old woman named Anna Squeaked. The tragedy occurred on the highway from Kiev in Obuhov. The woman’s body was discovered a few metres from the pedestrian crossing. Constantine called the police and medics. Examination showed that the producer at the time of the accident was sober, and on the road leave a mark from the brake track.

Meladze faced up to 8 years of imprisonment. But the investigation was never established, was it the woman in the prescribed place or broke the rules. It is believed that he broke the speed limit. After the accident Meladze donated to the family of the deceased about 30 thousand dollars, and also puts them a monthly amount on the education of children. At the time they were 2 years and 5 years.

Leonid Yakubovich

TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich Photo:

Russian TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich was responsible for a deadly crash in 2001. Under the wheels of his car was hit by 30-year-old drunk pedestrian. The man suddenly jumped into the road, leaving the bus. As a result, he hit his head on the car mirror stars.

The artist then acquitted, and the culprit of the accident found the pedestrian, but Yakubovich has admitted to journalists that feels guilty for what happened.

Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan Photo:

Famous Russian singer Dima Bilan on 18 September 2018 in Moscow on Leninsky Prospekt has also arranged road accident. Fortunately, then has done without victims. Behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang performer time has not slowed down at traffic lights and at the speed of 40 kilometers per hour crashed into the stopped Hyundai. Outwardly, the car got no damage but in the salon airbag, and the interior filled with acrid smoke.

Bilan did not deny his guilt and agreed with the second driver on damages. In order to avoid rumors and false information Bilan wrote on his page in Instagram video, which told the details of the accident.

“All right! Stress caught of course, but that did not happen in this life… the Salon was filled with pungent smoke, the airbag worked dramatically and the impact was noticeable that in the mind everything turned upside down… the Shock is catching up”, – said Bilan.


Russian singer Vitas

In 2013, the Russian singer Vitaly Grachev (Vitas) at the wheel of the Infiniti ran over a cyclist. The girl received only bruises, but the behavior of Vitas then surprised fans. Coming out of the car, the performer started to be rude to the victim. This time the girl was filmed and posted online.

A few days later, Vitas apologized. But then the artist was deprived of driving license for a period of 1.5 years for refusing to submit to test for alcohol intoxication and was fined 100 thousand rubles for the use of violence against a representative of authorities.

Gosha Kutsenko

Actor Gosha Kutsenko and his convertible Photo:

In 2014, the Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko on the Garden ring in Moscow got in a car accident. Driving his convertible Morgan Aero 8 crashed into Infiniti. Incident has done without victims – suffered only car. Morgan Aero 8 bumper fell off.

“Everything! No Morgana! Parked,” wrote Ghosh then Instagram.

Recall that in the blood of Michael Efremova also found traces of drugs.

Video moment of deadly crash involving Mikhail will Efremovskaya in our material.