What you need to know about energy efficient homes

According to the construction norms DBN, the rate of heat loss, for example, in Kiev should not exceed 73-89 kWh/sq. m. And in the old housing stock heat loss can reach more than 175 kWh/sqm.

This is almost 2.2 times higher than standard! Where does thermal energy? Statistics indicate the following percentage distribution of heat losses in buildings: 20% – ventilation, 25% of the exterior walls; 7% – cellars; 5% – bridges (improperly designed structural solutions and components); 13% of Windows and doors; and 30% of the roof. Consequently, properly insulating walls and roof, and installing modern Windows and doors can save 50-70% of the thermal energy, and therefore save money on heating.

Example of the cost of the heating season:

1Гкал = 1416,96 UAH (data of Kyivenergo http://kyivenergo.ua/ru/te-home/opalennya)

1Гкал =1163 kWh where: 1 kWh = 1416.96/1163 = 1.22 UAH/(kW*h).

According to the standard for apartment living area of 100 sq. m. of a properly equipped house the cost of the heating season will be: 81*1.22*100 = 9882 UAH.

For an apartment in the same area, but in the house, not conforming to standards of heat loss: 175*1.22*100 = 21350 grn. The difference in 11468 UAH per heating season.

Energy efficient home – saving and rational use of resources

In conditions of a sharp increase in heating prices, buyers began to look in the direction of “warm” apartments, and developers – to rethink their requirements and parameters for the construction of apartment houses, making them energy efficient.

According to experts of Scientific-educational center of the design and research of buildings with near zero energy consumption KNUBA (BNES Center KNUBA), truly energy-efficient houses in Kiev, built very little, as this increases construction costs for the developer by about 20-40%. According to experts, in the pursuit of maximum reduction in price many developers are obviously going for the violation of building codes.

“If the developer’s goal is to build a really warm house and makes it according to the requirements of an energy-saving state, saving on heating apartments can be up to 50 % (!), this is not the limit”,says Vladimir Skachko, expert BNES Center of KIYV.

If that was indeed the case, consider the example of the Royal House Builder who builds residential complexes, using a new patented technology for the production of energy efficient wall modules. This technology exceeds the Ukrainian standards of energy saving of nearly 30%, which allows residents of these apartments to save on heating up to 55%, compared with the old housing stock of the capital (data are shown in the ready example of the residential complex “the British quarter”).

Studies of the thermal imager is the best way to learn about heat loss

To ascertain whether the houses in the residential complex “the British quarter” is a warm, bnis the Center of KIYV was conducted by an independent thermal imaging survey of homes.

“The main objective of this survey is to verify and predict the state of the building envelopes and to identify any defects affecting heat loss and violation of the microclimate of premises”, said Vladimir Skachko.

So, based on the results we can draw the following conclusions: “Heat losses of the external walling uniform and minor, which speaks to their quality performance. A General analysis of temperature and humidity conditions of the walls indicates a lack of condensation in their thicker, which in turn indicates the reasonableness constructive solutions and proper selection of insulation. The value of thermal resistance of the wall construction exceeds the state standard value. This testifies to the forethought of the design decisions in the light of the General European trend to a gradual growth of requirements of normative documents”, says the expert.

Based on past experience, in his new project ZHK “New England” the Royal House developer have increased the level of efficiency of the houses by 60% due to the thickening of the layer of insulation in the finished wall modules. The cost per square meter in a newly built residential complex not exceed the market average for this class.

The choice to energy conservation

So, when buying apartments in the building pay attention to energy efficiency at home, thanks to this advantage, you can significantly reduce heating bills. Ask the Builder documents or certificates confirming that the house is really warm, ask the residents how much they pay for heat.

The biggest advantage will be the presence of individual heat point (ITP) or its own boiler, it makes your house “independent” from the city network in case of crashes or outages.

Also I advise to pay attention on the execution by the developer of all norms DBN, using quality materials and modern construction technologies.