Published a list of the ten victims of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg

Russia’s investigative Committee announced the names of ten people killed in a suicide attack in the subway of Saint Petersburg, which took place on 3 April. The list is published on the website of Sledkoma, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Reportedly, four more victims will be identified. They are impossible to identify visually, so Sladkom spend genetic examination.

Among the dead:

Alieva Dinara Samandarova, 08.10.1996

Aryshev Eating, 18.08.1996

Malyukova Ksenia, 11.09.1998

Medyantseva Irina Kuzminichna, 06.05.1966

Angelina Svistunov S., 17.02.1990

Nalimov Yuri Pavlovich, 07.06.1945

Danilenko Oksana Gennad’evna, 03.10.1991

Shekina Larisa G., 02.06.1950

Petrov Denis Romanovich, 27.12.1991

Sagadeev Mansur Tahirovic, 27.08.2000 or 27.03.2000

As reported, at 14:40 on April 3 in Saint-Petersburg metro, an explosion occurred in the car that was moving along the blue line subway. According to some data, during the explosion injured 51 people, 14 people were killed.

The investigative Committee of Russia (RF IC) confirmed that the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg staged Akbarjon Jalilov.