Scientists create painkillers from the venom of the marine snail

Scientists have found a compound that blocks the pain as effectively as opioids, but not addictive, according to a recent article in PNAS.

It is reported that the substance Rg1A was allocated from the venom of Conus regius is a cone – shaped marine snails. It is noted that in contrast to opioids, which affect the regulatory pain opioid receptors, the substance acts on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses across synapses, and successfully blocking them.

Thus, according to the researchers, the substance dulls sensitivity to pain, and not allow it to occur.

It is noted that while the tests were carried out only on animals, but the substance was able to relieve pain for 72 hours. Perhaps it also has a cumulative effect. Scientists plan to continue the clinical trials.