Turchynov urged not to cover up the extremism of the memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov urged not to cover the political situation and extremism to the memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred. This is stated in his address on occasion of Day of memory of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred.

“Heroes do not die, but forever live in our hearts and compel us to fight the next generation of patriots, Recalling what the price we got freedom, Recalling the responsibility for their country, that the right to be free people need to fight. It is important that the memory of the heroes haven’t been covering the political situation and extremism, as well as inaction and betrayal. The heroes of the Heavenly Hundred gave their lives to Ukraine to live and be independent, democratic and European. It is our duty to do everything for this!” – the statement says.

We will remind, in the evening of 19 February in Kiev on Institutskaya street clashes between protesters and police.

In clashes in the city center wounded at least 10 people.