Soda joint pain: how to treat, recipes and techniques

Pharmaceuticals provides a wide range of drugs for the treatment of joints. But still people use unconventional methods, including sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, writes

The effect of sodium bicarbonate on the body

Baking soda normalizes acid and alkaline balance. The action is as follows:

  • the anions of carbonic acid replenishes alkaline reserve;
  • urinary organs remove excess chlorine and sodium;
  • sodium excretion increases calcium levels;
  • in the body stabiliziruemost metabolism.


Sodium bicarbonate reduces the pain and eliminates inflammatory processes in the joint parts of the limbs. Also creates alkaline environment when it is eaten. As the result the pathogenic microorganisms are killed. You can apply for the following diseases of the joints:

  • Low back pain is accompanied by destruction of the intervertebral discs.
  • Gout. Soda improves the synovial fluid into the cartilage material, and it reduces pain and enhances the activity of the limbs.
  • Gonarthrosis and coxarthrosis, degenerative changes of the joints. Developing leads to disruption of the cartilage material. Sodium bicarbonate reduces the unpleasant pain in the joints.

Treatment baking soda

For use inside, you should adhere to important guidelines:

  • The use begins with three grams of baking soda to a glass of water. Should be diluted with warm water. Be taken before meals three times a day. Gradually increased to a rate of 15 grams. The duration of treatment is one month.
  • The use of sodium bicarbonate helps to get rid of such problems: deposits of salts and preventing cholesterol formation.
  • To reduce the pain use a local therapy, compresses in the area affected part

    Effective compress

    Required sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, mustard and honey. All the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions, the mixture is then applied on the aching joint, covered with foil and wrapped with warm material. This procedure is done before bedtime for 14 days.


    • Headache in the morning: doctors said the main reason


    Necessary soda, kerosene and the copper product in a ratio of 1:10:10. Substances are mixed and applied to cotton material, which is applied to the affected area for one hour. The procedures followed with a break of two days.


    The use of soda is limited in such cases:

    • gastritis with low and high acidity;
    • diabetes;
    • allergies;
    • cancer;
    • pregnancy.

    Soda is a useful product. For example, Tibetan monks periodically drinking soda solution. It is important to remember that soda can harm the stomach. Therefore, these solutions drinking rates. Use ten days, then a break, or 30 days of use and ten days of break.