How to improve the productivity of the day: TOP 6 habits of billionaire Elon musk

To achieve great success, you must organize all your business and improve productivity during the day. Knows that billionaire and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, who is assisted by several useful habits.

What are six useful habits acquired billionaire, thanks to which he manages to perform many important tasks, knows the New time.

Correspondence by e-mail.

Elon Musk prefers to communicate in a form that does not require instant response. In particular, e-mail and through various messengers. Musk prefers to avoid telephone conversations, and this allows him to build their own schedule.


Elon Musk is too serious about his job to spend time on a bunch of unnecessary messages. So he tries to protect itself from its people not from its subordinate companies and uses a little-known e-mail. So its mail only significant ideas and suggestions.


While the Mask is sitting on important meetings, he manages to run a business from your phone when it checks the invoices, in parallel, responding by e-mail. To send work-related messages, the entrepreneur manages even with children.

A clear timetable.

Elon Musk should be extremely precise schedule of the day which is always trying to optimize. Working day the billionaire laid out by five-minute slots. “Here’s a good tip: always ask yourself about how you can perform tasks even better,” says Musk.

Competent principle of learning.

When Elon Musk explores new notions, he is guided by the method of “basic principles”. He tries to understand a scientific theory or rule, not just memorize them. Understanding why a certain thing works one way or another, the entrepreneur spends far less time learning a new.

A healthy sleep.

Despite the fact that the Mask’s crazy lifestyle, he regularly sleeps about six hours to achieve maximum productivity. Also during the day he drinks two cups of coffee and a few cans of diet coke.