Pit bull saved boy, whose mother drowned in the river

In the Australian state of New South Wales 27-year-old woman brought to the river Murray his two sons nine and five years old to drown. Along with them went their dog is a pit bull named buddy. At the river, the Australian told his sons to enter the water, then began to drown her youngest son.

The elder tried to come to his aid, but to no avail. When the woman took the eldest son, it was suddenly attacked by a dog and bitten. So a pit bull violently attacked her, the woman was able to make it work. Subsequently, she went to the police, stating that he was bitten by a dog and when police began questioning her in detail about the circumstances of the incident, they were confronted with inconsistencies in her story.

As the investigation revealed, it all happened in a deserted place – there were witnesses that heard the cries of the children, but witnesses to the incident, the police found. The body of the younger child was later found in the river downstream. The eldest son was sent to the Melbourne hospital.

As reported eg.ru with reference to News.com.au, his mother charged with attempted murder. What pushed the woman to this act are investigated by the police. Her father, who is also the grandfather of the boys, reported that his daughter and noted the flash of inexplicable cruelty.