US policy regarding Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has changed – The Guardian

The escalation of Russian troops fighting in Donbas became the first test for wanting Donald trump to improve relations with Russia. This writes the newspaper The Guardian, noting that the state Department’s statement on the clashes in the town was not a word of criticism of Russia and it is under control of militants, reports

In this edition emphasizes that the silence of the state Department was a clear signal that U.S. policy towards Russia during the presidency, trump will change.

The press-Secretary of Department mark Toner has announced that the United States is “deeply concerned” by the violence and calling for “an immediate, comprehensive ceasefire”. However, he didn’t say anything about who is to blame for the escalation.

Russian state media was happy to respond to these changes in the tone of America.

“Washington has accused the unrecognized Republic for violation of the truce, has not stated any support from Kiev, did not say a word about Russia’s role. Various forms of all these positions, as a rule, played a key role in the statements of Barack Obama on Ukraine”, – wrote governmental “the Russian newspaper”.

The Guardian notes that the state Department’s statement contrasted even with the review of the American mission in the OSCE, which consists of career diplomats. They retreated from the new mood in Washington.

“Russia and the militants sparked a wave of violence in the town,” said attorneys for the United States to the OSCE Kate Byrnes.

“We call on Russia to stop the violence, respect the ceasefire, withdraw heavy weapons and to stop trying to seize new territory for the contact line”, – she added.

The publication notes that none of the inner circle trump has not made any statement regarding the events in Ukraine.

We will remind, the day before during discussion of the situation in the Donbass at the meeting of the UN security Council , the U.S. promised to extend sanctions against Russia.