Horoscope for February 19-25: the Lions can’t go for the romance of the “left” and Aquarius need to travel on old routes

ARIES. You are charming, sexy than fascinate the opposite sex, but that is no reason for romantic entertainment. The marriage bond is sacred. Get out of the shadow and plunge into the inner world, to communicate with her Majesty’s conscience.

This week of rethinking your life over time, awareness of errors, getting rid of illusions, self-deceptions, redemption.

Wash with tears pokana and give deep psychological catharsis walk normally, clearing the heart from the toxic passions. Otherwise you will have tribulation. Be flexible and mercy to others. In the end, if plagued by a secret sores will heal.

Tireless worker for Aries anywhere good luck. And saboteurs, those who shirk from work, waiting for the “spanking” of fate.

Attention married couples: your tandem thrust rests on the sexual and spiritual idyll.

TAURUS. Friendship is friendship and service is service. Razgranicheniia these concepts and does not disappoint on the job. After all, the chef in you favor, gold frame, original master on all hands that give not, everything turns out as Cinderella.

Public rating is also excellent, in the team you — the heart and the brain, informal leader, able to light on action for the sake of higher justice. But… a Revolution is not needed. This topic is taboo.

Focus on the process of correction of the future. Here fate itself will hold an “inventory” to get rid of the friends with whom the relationship was over. Will remain the most worthy.

And most importantly — the sphere of love. If you care about the satellite, free of burning heart, it has not disappeared. Will start a new happy epic, all will be rewarded and if not — will have the equivalent. To be loved and desired to be earned.

On the secret front ebullient time with a positive Outlook.

GEMINI. Your “route” and social status predefined by past experience. If the time missed, profession (business) not answering the creative calling (worked for the money) — high probability of loss. It is fatal and supporters will not help. However, fall is not used, the better. The talent buried in the ground, which causes degradation of the individual. Will have to “reformat”. But if you do what you love a hobby, consider yourself lucky.

And in General, prestige in society even if you don’t care. Now in the foreground of a comfortable personal life, family well-being, harmony with the marriage companion (where important spiritual work) and a creative engaging any activity.

The source of grace and spiritual growth — in the building!

CANCERS. If you previously saw the world through rose-colored glasses, idealize people, the time has come sobering up. Where the black and white where will become obvious.

Outlook is failing, get rid of old stereotypes and “reload”! And so as not to be punctured, think logically. You are an excellent analyst, with a wealth of life experience and creative imagination. And do not dare to walk on a leash, other people’s instructions! Listen to your mind, trust feelings, there is a grain of truth. Now you own a shepherd and mentor.

Taking care of family, children, relatives — are paramount.

The pressure and demands of employers in the service take easy, here privileges not expected, he ruled a ball (9 months). But because you are appreciated as a thorough professional narrow profile, keep this stamp and do not waste power on the left part-time work, additional tasks and responsibilities. Chasing a number, and lose the quality, which is unacceptable.

And follow health, frivolous attitude to the “call sign” of the body dangerous.

LIONS. You how relieved, pleased, demands and claims of others, which tired the last time fiasco. You cunning blatantly exploited by stepping on the throat of interests, exhausting forces, taking the money. Finally a fair outcome. You are a cash cow and continue the hypnotic “let”, “must” will not tear. Let personal needs dominated — give the green light to “want”!

Have couples coming restoration of an intimate relationship. If the Union rests on a sexual magnet, you have to raise the degree of feelings, variety and common interest. Be active in society, have fun together, activate old contacts, related links. Do not give in to temptation, Hiking, romance “left” is the devil’s trap (for 9 months).

VIRGO. In the affiliate sector Matures inevitable “restructuring”. The Union has become stronger in the future, breathe the fire of life into the embers of feelings. But if you almost nothing holds together, no relation, no friendship, heart oledeneli — go. Now you are strong as a person, financially independent, but the final “Yes” or “no”.

Second option: if the partner on the “trailer”, one does not pull, but is willing to change for the better, the thread of understanding is — give him a chance. Divorce is canceled.

On the business front, an open confrontation, who is the ally and who the opponent will be obvious. But fate would soon eliminate pesky competitors.

LIBRA. Enough to plow up a sweat, incinerate yourself in the drudgery of work, dancing to the tune of the boss exploiter whose job for you excessive who. Service unharnessed horse! Then save health.

And spare time and creative resources aim at good deeds, flourishing personal life. Tighten the novel, oschastlivte favorite!

Here you are a wizard for creating a celebration of life, the soul of the company, the star of the corporate party. Charisma shines and its light does not overshadow. Yet…

SCORPIONS. If the passions in your heart froze — it is perfect and love is not a sign of impotence. So, spiritually correctly developed, has a chance to replenish the iconostasis and the saints. And realize that true friendship above the sensual passions. Now they are destructive.

Unite with family, first of all, make friends with daughters-in-law, sons-in-law, the fate of your children in their hands, they are “steering”.

Home is the abode of spirituality. Here is the fateful path where your charitable contribution, protection is very important.

ARCHERS. In my personal life, my abode is ordained of “perturbations” caused problems karmically motivated. There is a cleansing of the birth canal, the spirit blood is very strong. Resonating with each other, you become one organism.

If you are very attached to something, to someone — it will be taken away, if not let go in peace. Less fumbling of the house (going against the tide of fate), and engaged in actual business, business, move up the corporate ladder, be perfected professionally. If left without a job, urgently looking for it among friends, old friends and neighbors. Casual Dating is also included in the repertoires of long-term plans.

And remember: now old friend better than two new ones.

Not to discredit personal image in public, control your behavior, do not break spiritual laws. It is the machinations of the evil one trying to provoke you into stupid behavior. The strip will last 9 months.

CAPRICORNS. For everyone interested, stick your nose in someone else’s millet, it’s bad for the soul. With persons to whom you have had a psychological impact, the relationship has run its course and needs to die. It’s mutual, because the subconscious, the vampire and the victim are bound by the chains of addiction. Put the point and not worry, but rejoice. It is predefined because it was long overdue. From you gets something that’s already not necessary, and vacated the vacancy will be filled by the right person.

The main thing — not to lose the main goal, a mission with which you came to this Earth. Now is a great opportunity to find the business of your life (meat space), and if you are lucky and already have it — give it a successful push. Incidentally, in the past you were doing. Everyone is familiar.

In the home the hearth is warm and cozy, but to travel, to visit the Holy places must. Try to be sincere, open, not tricky, do not dissemble, keep the conscience clean. Darkness and secrecy is the friend of the impure.

AQUARIANS. “First was the word, and the word was with God.” Remember this biblical truth and do not talk unnecessarily. For those around you — the flagship of high spirituality, a mentor, a teacher. And compass to the future. Purpose is high, so no one refuse to communicate, through you in society is the right information that changes people’s lives.

Travel is a necessary attribute of life, the recharging energies of grace, the possibility of spiritual enlightenment. By the way, the routes should choose for your taste, visit sacred Holy places, religious temples, pray, study Holy Scripture.

With many personal desires will have to say goodbye. Circumstances, a cross is put on those who are detrimental to personal growth.

FISH. The motto of the week: “hurray for the update!” Drop the old “skin”, malarebytes. You must become a beautiful and magnificent according to the inner content, it reached perfection at this stage. If the radiance comes from within, people to stretch, magnify, then everything is fine.

The old program itself worked. Now to position yourself will have other channels where not in command of the lower and the higher self.

Do charity, go to the victim. Especially protect the pious, harmonious couples without you like a bird with clipped wings.