Not all training is equally useful: how to distinguish a good business coach from fraud

How to increase sales in the off-season, increase accountability of employees for results, the Manager to improve management skills? The answers to these questions and more entrepreneurs and businesses strive to have training companies, hoping that business coaches help you find the right solution. Whatever the training is open (for everyone) or corporate (for employees only), — its effectiveness depends on the skill of the coach and how much time is devoted to the theoretical and practical part. Theory want less and practice more: people tend not to listen to lectures, they want to get specific tools to master the necessary skills and learn to apply them in practice.

A good business coach is always a good psychologist, gifted Communicator and speaker, able to convey information to each person sitting in the audience, “charge” and inspire the audience. In addition, it should be good to delve into the nuances of the business and culture of the client to create an optimal business case — specially prepared study material, which reflects a problematic business situation and suggests possible solutions.


There are cases when a certified trainer, exhibiting a fairly high tuition, the practice is unable to work effectively with the audience. Anna Vishnjakova, the head of Department on work with personnel of the company “Lemtrans”, had at the time to deal with the fact that the invited to the company coach did not meet expectations. “Our company lost money, paying for this coach service. Then I had to hire a new coach and re-train staff. But the main thing — time has been lost,” says Anna.

Under the certificate of participants of the market of consulting services, all operating in Ukraine training firms and individually practicing coaches required quality criteria correspond to no more than 40%. And this percentage from year to year is reduced, because in Ukraine there is a growing number of companies that aim to provide training services. Often their quality is far from ideal. The trend is very negative, therefore, experts recommend when choosing a trainer, in addition to the study recommendations and a list of customers, view the video of his training, and also to study reviews about it on independent professional forums.

In addition, it is desirable that the trainer has passed accreditation from the competent jury, consisting of the guru market consulting services.


The project for the accreditation of business coaches for the third consecutive year organizes the DTEK Academy. While he’s one of a kind and a nationwide scale, which gives the opportunity to weed out the lack of professional trainers and to identify the really successful. According to Tatyana Sherman, head of Department for work with foreign markets Academy, the idea was born a few years ago, when it became clear that in Ukraine there are a huge number of coaches who consider themselves experts in many areas of training activities.

“Until today, it was not clear on the qualifications of such experts, not to mention their competences. A large number of false customers was a record lists business trainers”, — said Tatiana.

The project of DTEK Academy gives you the opportunity to appreciate the skill business coaches on clear criteria, among them — the novelty of the format, love in its theme, the practicality and applicability of teaching methods in practice and. Participants appreciate the Director for personnel management and Department heads on training more than 30 of the largest companies in Ukraine, among them — FozzyGroup, Lifecell, Comfy, Kyivstar, Metinvest, UniCreditBank, Arzinger, Forward Bank, STB, “Conti” JTI, “Ferrero”, IMC, “Lemtrans”, “Ukrtelecom”, “Darnitsa” and others.

“Businesses need quality services, innovative approaches, innovative solutions, new products, and the knowledge managers are willing to pay. All they want guaranteed quality results. The project of DTEK Academy is intended to be the guarantor of quality: if the consultant received our accreditation, you can be assured of the highest level of consulting services,” — says Tatyana Sherman.

This year for the project of DTEK Academy was submitted 134 applications from all over Ukraine, of which accreditation were allowed only 29 coaches. Only 15 coaches have passed all stages of selection! During the contest the participants presented and defended their training programme. The winners received a chance to sign a contract with large companies. “Accreditation of training companies is a unique event that combines several purposes: first, it contributes to the qualitative development of the market of training services and identification of professionals and, second, enables business representatives to see and to select trainers in a short time, the coaches to show their strengths. Thanks to the accreditation from now on, our company annually builds a systematic plan of personnel training and selects the really best of providers (coaches),” said Vera Tamko, HR Director at Arzinger, which is part of the jury.

“The perfect coach, we see a very enthusiastic and competent in his subject person. Very important to the quality of the material, its freshness and relevance, ability to work with the audience. We also separate the specifics of the presentation, as it should be as tied to the business operated by the client company training services,” says the HR Director at Comfy Marina Major. In the opinion of the jury members, projects such as accreditation of training companies DTEK Academy, improve the quality and competitiveness of products and services on the training market. Academy, as the initiator of this project, next year plans to expand the range of subjects taught, and geographic coverage.