The Parisienne was fined 68 euros for leaving a book on the street

In Paris a woman was fined 68 euros for the fact that she left the book on the street. But after she told about it in social networks, punishment canceled, the radio station France Bleu.

It is noted that a woman by the name of Guenel left for exchange read fact next to the window of a bookstore, as it is not found within the respective shelves. According to her, this is not the first time she passed on to others read the newspaper, but now she was detained by the police.

I wonder what the French for a book on the street were fined for dumping rubbish in a public place. It is noted that the same sanctions in Paris to impose on those who are left on the sidewalk, for example, a cigarette butt.

According to the station, Guaneli wrote about the incident on social networks. After information about the incident drew media attention, the local authorities have revoked the decision on punishment, calling it erroneous.

“It was a mistake. Paris loves books and those of their shares. We will cancel the penalty,” — reacted on account of the capital of France on Twitter.