Diseases zodiac signs: Aquarius you need to listen to the back, but to the internal “toad” – not very

During the period when the frozen water under my feet send people to emergency rooms, are born those who are willing to pour her more, Aquarius. Among the physical and psychological problems astrologers for they produce diseases of the bile, spinal hernia, and fear of lack of money. What to do with it, tell Yehor Prokopovych, Beijing, psychologist Elena Kolomiets and dietitian Elena Konovalenko.


About hernias need to know a few key points. First, they have a congenital predisposition (anatomical features of the spine). Second, they often develop gradually, so with back pain do not delay — you need to see a neurologist. By the way, the diagnosis “hernia” is not an indication for surgical treatment, and in most cases the condition is normal without surgical intervention, with lifestyle change (need to monitor the load, adequate to engage in sports, eat right, watch your weight, do not to overwork). The operation of hernia is often unreasonable and does not give the desired effect, because it does not remove the cause of the disease — poor blood supply.

In addition, it is important to remember that in the period of exacerbation of the hernia is treated with medication: pills, ointments, in some cases, injection. Treatment can last for about three months. But the operation is prescribed only if conservative treatment has not helped and, in addition, there are absolute indications for surgical intervention (e.g., dysfunction of pelvic organs or the increasing weakness in the leg). Even large hernia is not a reason to send the patient to surgery.

Don’t forget that for the treatment of a hernia the doctor may recommend massage with elements of manual therapy and acupuncture, and then also magnetic therapy, mud therapy, physiotherapy, and other techniques that help to activate blood circulation. In the treatment of hernia should not rush. Remember: to get rid of accumulated years not for one minute.


It is usually manifested by anxiety about the future, when a person is afraid to remain without money. While for others this fear may appear unfounded, it is not only people living in poverty, but those who from lack of money does not suffer.

It is important to know that fear can be from anyone. It indicates that the person feels danger, while the feeling of safety is a basic need for all people. There is a fear of lack of money from the generic programs, when the family was very much afraid to remain without money and constantly talked about it. Encode for fear of being left without livelihoods phrase from the series: “you can’t spend, need to save, and then tomorrow will have nothing to eat”, “Soon not enough food” and so on. The child hears these words, take them literally, and the resulting information forms his life script.

In addition, the formation of such fear plays a role and the collective unconscious, because in our country since ancient times, people live fighting, surviving in times of crisis. So everyone born on the territory of Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union in one way or another fear of lack of money sign. Of course, it takes different forms: someone really is afraid to remain without meal, and someone’s vacation in the Carpathians is the annual Maldives.

To cope with this fear. But this should be done if such a strong anxiety about the future prevents to live, enjoying the moment. Helps: awareness of the causes of fear and soul-searching. But to work with fear better with a specialist, because alone such work turns into a winding and running in a circle.


Gallstone disease is one of the most common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They suffer 15% of the population of our planet. Insidious this disease is that in most cases it is asymptomatic. And with the manifestation of the first symptoms increases the risk of complications. At risk — people over 40 years old, suffering from overweight, mothers of large families (due to the experienced the number of pregnancies and births) and blond. More women than men suffer from gallstones, including due to the influence of female hormones on the body. The development of the disease contributes, of course, and way of life: often mono and periods of starvation, excessive intake of fatty, big breaks between meals, overeating, poor fluid intake, constipation.

A major role in the prevention and treatment of gallstone disease is diet therapy, which appoint a doctor. The diet aims at normalizing functions of the gallbladder, prevention and elimination of bile stasis and inflammation of the bladder. And also on the filling of the body with the necessary nutrients in the first place — amino acids to regulate fat metabolism, then fat-soluble vitamins A and E, a water-soluble b vitamins and ascorbic acid.

Daily diet should be enriched with the right protein and dietary fiber, adequate reduction of fat and salt. It is very important to strike a balance between fats of animal and vegetable origin. And if you are overweight, you must limit the intake of easy carbohydrates.

Food must be fractional and frequent (4-5 meals per day) and a balanced acid and alkaline valences. “Acidic” foods (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, grains) together with “alkaline”, rich in organic acids (fruit juices, Apple cider vinegar, fruits and vegetables). And in any case do not forget about drinking regime! We will remind, in the night you need to drink 30 ml of liquid per 1 kg of your normal weight.

Special attention in the diet gallstones should be given cooked food. So, meat, fish and poultry are best steamed, boiled or stewed. Chicken eggs and best consumed in the form of scrambled egg or soft porridge. Soup should cook on low-fat vegetable, fish or meat broth. As a side dish preferably cereals (oat, rice, barley, wheat, buckwheat, corn, barley) and pasta. Bread — wheat or branny. Dairy products, vegetables and fruit is not prohibited, but consumption of fatty, spicy, smoked, fried foods, alcohol and coffee are excluded on a mandatory basis.

As for drug therapy, then it as diet is prescribed only by a physician and usually involves pain and prevent spasms drugs. In special cases, and antibiotic therapy. But the self is not engaged: it can lead to disastrous consequences.