Known to lead by chance offered to allow the girls to paint for sex

TV presenter Richard Medley (Richard Madeley) in the program “Good morning Britain” was proposed to allow the girls to attend the lessons with makeup, if they plan to have sex. About it reports “life” with reference to the newspaper The Sun.

Gets even better with this gaff this morning – little girls should be able to experiment with #slapandtickle did make me go

— Chris Hopkins (@ChrishopkinsTV) 30 Aug 2017

The man misspoke and used the turn of phrase slap and tickle, when the guests discussed the admissibility of makeup at school. Means sex or an affair.

@GMB discussing children wearing make-up early, #RichardMadeley ought to look at his use of vocabulary. #Slapandtickle is wrong wrong wrong.

— Mikey (@whowatme) 30 Aug 2017

Twitter even appeared hashtag #slapandtickle. Social network users made fun of the host and advised him to learn to use a dictionary.

We will remind, in Lugansk occupied the boys were forbidden to learn together with the girls.