Russia and the tramp: the country needs answers

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that members of the electoral headquarters of the trump repeatedly in contact with representatives of Russian intelligence a year before the election. This news caused would not be so alarming if the President said, explaining or condemning the contacts, and realized the need for an impartial investigation.

Instead, on Wednesday morning, he wrote half a dozen of tweets denied the news and attacked those who revealed this information. Thus he gave the Republicans and the Democrats even more reason to demand answers to questions about his uncertain and increasingly worrying relations with Moscow.

“Media are spreading fake news, go crazy with your conspiracy theories and blind hatred,” wrote trump on Twitter. “This nonsense with ties to Russia is just an attempt to cover up the many mistakes of the failed campaign of Hillary Clinton.” “The real scandal here is that “intelligence” has given out secret information like candy. Very UN-American!” — he insisted.

The white house said that the questions about the relationship of the campaign trump with Russia only reflect the intelligence war with the President. But this line makes no sense. In fact the FBI, not any scammers, took a leading role in investigating ties between the environment trump with Russian officials. This is the same Agency whose questionable revelatory information about the verification letters Hillary Clinton may have allowed Trump to become President.

In addition, the possible relationship of the tramp with the regime of Vladimir Putin, are concerned not only ardent supporters of Clinton, but a growing number of senators of both parties. We need to understand that the public still does not know many things. The nature of the alleged contacts remains uncertain. Still lacks direct evidence that the headquarters of the trump entered into an agreement with Russian officials to influence the election. But even became known scanty details are contrary to previous assurances trump that none of his staff had no contact with the Russians during the campaign.

It is noteworthy that the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer reiterated those statements Tuesday just before the emergence of reports that claimed the opposite. His credibility, and the credibility of the White house in General, significantly deteriorated in less than four weeks of work.

It is encouraging that the FBI has devoted significant resources to investigate any relationships between the environment trump and foreign governments seeking to weaken the US and its allies. Because of the proximity to the campaign trump’s attorney General Jeff sessions should refuse to participate in any decision relating to this investigation.

However, news that appeared immediately after the forced resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn because of contacts with the Russian Ambassador, the paramount need in the broader, bipartisan investigation of Russian interference in the elections. The members of the Senate Committee on intelligence argue that the Commission is working thoroughly.

It is possible that Republicans have a strong political pressure to get them to close the investigation or to keep important data. High-ranking Republicans, for example, still do not seem interested in a serious investigation of these issues. If the demands of Congress ultimately will be derailed by politics, it is necessary to create an independent Commission.