Breathe – don’t breathe: TOP 3 breathing exercises that will make you younger

To keep the youth is not only important to eat right and exercise and still breathe properly.

The more often you train the respiratory system, the better the fabric of your body supplied with oxygen, whereby the aging process is slowing down, reports “Home” and talks about the three breathing exercises that will make you younger.

Breath of fire

Sit comfortably with your back straight (preferably Indian-style on the floor). Close your eyes, easy to place one hand on your stomach, the second in the thigh. Completely relax your abdominal muscles. Stick your tongue out, mouth open, and start so often to breathe, as do dogs. The breath coming from your stomach, so your belly will begin to move with inhalation and exhalation.

Continue that for a few seconds, close your mouth and breathe in frequently through the nose. It’s like a quick sniffing, but this should be done rhythmically. Imagine dousing a fire under your nose.

Be careful: if you experience at least a mild dizziness, then return to normal breathing.

Breathing diaphragm

The diaphragm is the transverse muscle that support the chest. This breathing technique is often used by those who are studying singing, because the breath allows the diaphragm to provide a longer flow of air. But the exercise is helpful for everyone who wants to learn how to breathe deeply.

Sit up straight in a chair, place one hand on your abdomen to feel the movement of muscles. Slowly inhale through the nose, at the same time bulging stomach while you breathe. Hold your breath for a moment and exhale slowly through the mouth, pulling the stomach. This exercise is good for the respiratory and abdominal muscles at the same time.

Breathing through a straw

Hold your nose and take in his mouth a straw. Breathe through it for a minute. If you feel dizzy, take a break.