How to catch the Christmas mood, if its still there

From many to hear that the New year on the nose, and the appropriate mood — no: worries, troubles, reports, and other accumulated things, many people do not give to feel the holiday, even when the clock is almost 12 beat. And the man, as if by inertia, moves in next year — not happy, not rested and not leaving all their problems in the past. “Today” learned how to help readers lead thoughts in order before the holiday and gear up for the new year. Of the secrets: to take stock of the passing year, reflect the play of lights, take a walk in nature and “breathe” holiday.


Knowing how a lot of things to do before 31 December, new year’s mood does not appear, and the existing — deteriorating. And some do manage to soundrite-sick! A clinical psychologist, a specialist in psychosomatics of Lubomira Lubchenco says to tune to the occasion is not as difficult as it may seem from the mountain all the accumulated problems. Many of the tips are so simple that people seem inefficient. The “unbelievers” just did not try their effectiveness in action.

THE POSITIVE MORNING. In the morning when you Wake up, don’t get up out of bed until I figure out a nice moment/event that you will definitely perform throughout the day. It can be anything that will please you: drink hot chocolate at your favorite coffee shop or outdoors, buy decoration for Christmas tree or gifts to relatives, etc. — the main thing that you really wanted to do it.

AROMATHERAPY. Almost every New year is associated with tangerines/oranges. Buy a treat, clean it and leave the crust for flavor. It will be a kind of aromatherapy.

TAKE IN THE ATMOSPHERE. If the home is still nothing ready for the holiday, walk through the city and enjoy the atmosphere. Now plenty of fairs, all dressed up and shiny. Even if you’re not going to buy something, monitor how people are trees, choose toys, rushing home with gifts — and gives you a sense of comfort and warmth. But this advice is not suitable for people who because of the peculiarities of the annoying nature of such “corny” moments.

TO CLEAN HOUSE. It is clear that clean is not desirable. But even if it seems that it has no strength, you need to get yourself together, clean and decorate your home. This should be done 1-2 days before the New year.

SAY GOODBYE TO THE BLUE SCREEN. Easily impressed or inspired by the mood of the masses of people don’t watch TV at all. It is better to go for a walk in the Park or in the woods, “talking” to trees, to try to invent a tale of two trees or you and the trees, breathe in the nature.


Alexander Struchaev, master of psychology, NLP trainer, believes that the right attitude for the holidays you first need to take stock of the outgoing year, and write a scenario for the future.

RESULTS AND PLANS. Remember this year and write 3-5 positive events from or what you managed to do. This “diary of success” will make it clear that you spent a year not in vain. Then you need to plan a new year of life. This is particularly difficult: many are focused on how to solve the accumulated problems, but no matter how much they fought, these problems never end. You could say it’s a law: if you think only about how to solve all the problems, will be new and new. And if the person will set goals — it will focus on their achievement, and thus on the success. No one said that to solve the problems is not necessary. Just, first, you need to set yourself a deadline and meet it, thinking only the most necessary and releasing what is less important.

THANK you. After this it is necessary to shift the attention on gratitude. This exercise is very good in the sense that people often feel unhappy, be sure that they do not have much of what others have. The list of people who you are grateful, will see the opposite. Do not be shy — write as you gives thanks for family, school, business, purchase.

STOP COMPLAINING. Notice how many people around you are all unhappy all the time, I believe that they had been treated unfairly, they failed to do something. As the most urgent need is to stop and tactfully prevent others complaining in your company. And the wording of the complaints to change the building plans and guiding their execution. During the complaints takes a lot of energy, which it is not enough for happiness. It turns out that the impression of failure, just overcome.

TO INVEST IN YOURSELF. Before the beginning of the new year you need to plan for that in the future you make for self-development. Now you can read some interesting book, to take care of your health, find new healthy recipes. Working on yourself, you will develop a sense of self-importance and being well done, and the mood for the holiday will appear by itself.


Specialist in Feng Shui Maria Ostroluchka advises people to attend to the situation at home — and then the mood will go up. To make the house clean enough, it is necessary to make “glamor”: if it is possible to add on the Christmas tree gold and red balls, you need to do: they are responsible for the bright mood. Another is to hang garlands on the tree, and it is desirable that they were reflected in Windows and mirrors: it will create additional atmosphere and to expand the space of the house.

HOMEMADE. Good evening, working on something for the whole family. Focus on the celebration, even cutting out snowflakes or cooking gingerbread with cinnamon. And do they need more: one have to put under the tree, the second to hide in a closet for well-being, and one in the hallway to meet the guests. It would be nice to dream and on the form: will gingerbread karavaani, in the form of birds and animals, or man.

According to Feng Shui. Hung on the tree with red and gold balls.