American expert said the strength of the Ukrainian army

The transformation of the Ukrainian army will force NATO and the EU to take a fresh look at Ukraine as an integral part of European policy. So says political expert, teacher at king’s College London Alexander Clarkson.

He recalled that on the background of the calls of the US to NATO countries about the increase of defence spending in Ukraine has increased military spending, which exceeded 2% of GDP.

According to him, Ukraine thanks to the power of his army will be an important component to global peace.

“It should be noted that military expenditures of Ukraine exceeded 2% of GDP. The Ukrainian army is now a factor in European politics. How NATO and the EU will help Ukraine dispose of acquired by military force, it may be extremely important for global peace. Ukraine now has large armed forces, which for a long time will be a factor in politics in Europe. Why Ukraine is important to introduce democratic structures,” said Clarkson.

Finally, it should be noted that Ukraine’s military spending is substantially above 2% GDP. Ukraine’s army is now a factor in European politics

— Alexander Clarkson (@APHClarkson) February 15, 2017

How NATO and EU help Ukraine manage its new found military strength may prove crucial for global peace. Mattis didn’t say much about that

— Alexander Clarkson (@APHClarkson) February 15, 2017

@chastime Ukraine now has a large military that will be a long term political factor. It needs to be embedded in democratic structures

— Alexander Clarkson (@APHClarkson) February 15, 2017

Earlier, the Deputy commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Timothy ray noted that the Russian aggression against Ukraine has United the Alliance and forced the member countries of the military block to take up the strengthening of the defense potential.

In turn, the former representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group Roman Bezsmertny said that the opposition to the Russian troops on Donbass Ukraine is defending NATO against Russian aggression, what should be compensated from the West.