The EU called for an end to the blockade of Donbass

The EU calls on activists to stop blocking the railway to Donbass. The Union believes that the blockade may cause a major energy crisis, which affected Ukrainians on both sides of the line of contact. This “Today” said the foreign press service of the EU.

“Those responsible for the blockade must cease their actions, and the authorities should address this issue as a priority. The blockade reduces the supply of coal from the occupied territories. As a consequence, the work of main power plants may soon be in danger. This could cause a big energy crisis in the country, which will affect citizens of Ukraine on both sides of the contact line”, – said the press service.

According to the Commissioner of the speaker, the EU believes that blocking rail between the controlled and temporarily uncontrolled authorities of Ukraine’s territory in Donbas is contrary to the need for a comprehensive approach in relation to citizens of Ukraine residing on the temporarily occupied territory. In this regard, the EU welcomes the adoption in January by the government of Ukraine of the action Plan for certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions to facilitate the situation for the local population.

At the same time, the Union says that the solution to the problem of illegal trade or smuggling, the importance of greater transparency in the movement of goods across the line of control and urged the Ukrainian authorities to intensify their efforts in this direction. At the same time, the EU also firmly supports the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine and believes that the Minsk agreements remain the basis for peaceful and sustainable resolution of the conflict, otmetil authorized the speaker of the foreign press service.

We remind that on 15 February, the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the decision on the adoption of emergency measures in the energy sector in connection with the blockade of Donbass.