T2 digital network is the largest television network in Ukraine

The media has been a growing debate about the timing of the analogue television switch-off. Due to the fact that during the debate the representatives of private TV companies voiced openly false information about the operation of the digital network, we believe it is necessary to provide accurate information about digital television network in Ukraine.

For example, Andrew Malczewski, Director of network development Department of the broadcast channel “1+1” claims that television network “1+1”, “INTER” and NOTE more digital network T2 (ZEONBUD).

First, I would like to remind Mr. Andrew, that it was he who in December 2016 at the meeting of the working group of the National Council of Ukraine on television (the national Council) claimed exactly the opposite, namely that “coverage of network “ZEONBUD” is the largest in Ukraine.” But we do not intend anyone to “catch on”, there are more weighty arguments.

So, on behalf of the national Council in 2016 was created a working group composed of technical experts “ZEONBUD”, “1+1” and “INTER”, whose main aim was the analysis of the coverage of analogue and digital television networks.

In November and December 2016, this work was done. The TV channels “1+1” and “INTER” and “ZEONBUD” has received coverage maps of the three networks separately or combined with each other.

For the purpose of verification of identity card coverage with the actual coverage areas, mobile monitoring group composed of technical professionals, “1+1”, “INTER” and “ZEONBUD” held selective measuring of signal levels from transmitters analog and digital networks.

Based on measurement results was signed the relevant protocols.

The analysis of the coverage maps of the networks and results of measurements showed the following results:

  • The largest cover has a digital network of LLC “ZEONBUD” as for coverage of the population and on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Actual coverage area digital network “ZEONBUD” more than estimated.
  • The actual coverage area of the analog networks “1+1” and “INTER” is equal to or less than estimated.

This discrepancy is due to the fact that the network “ZEONBUD” new modern transmitting equipment from the best manufacturers, the actual performance significantly better than the passport, and analog networks are morally and physically outdated equipment.

However, we were surprised to read the many interviews of Mr. palchevskogo, who was a direct participant in the working group that allegedly cover the digital network is 50–60% — And this at a time when the results of the measurements and the coverage map it is obvious that T2 digital network is much more analog network “1+1” and “INTER”.

If Andrew Malczewski argues that the coverage of digital networks is 50%, what then coating the network “1+1”?! Turns 35–40% off!

There was a separate detailed analysis of the “zones of divergence” (territories where, in the case of off the analogue signal, viewers may have problems with reception of digital television), and the number of viewers living within those zones.

Analysis of “areas of divergence” revealed that in these zones is 170 thousand households, which take the analog TV off the air. That is, this is the final size of the “problem” of analogue television switch-off, in terms of coverage.

Mr. Malczewski believes that to solve this problem it is necessary to build an additional 70 (!) transmitters, i.e. a transmitter at every 2.5 thousand households. From our point of view, such a solution is impractical, but it must address the national Council. Our company is ready to cooperate and carry out the decisions of the regulatory authority.

Last week, due to the fact that the representatives of the private TV channels began to manipulate the facts and results, we officially handed over all coverage maps, reports, measurements and analyses of “areas of divergence” in the national Council. Believe that fully complied with all orders of the state authority and agreements with broadcasters.

Another annoying “bug” in the theses of experts that suddenly simultaneously talking about how difficult is the process of connecting viewers to the digital network, and the antenna need to buy some kind of special, and mount her hard, and without the assistance of a qualified TV technician to do.

In fact it is outright not true. The viewer, who now accepts an analog TV, you already have the antenna and connecting the tuner does not require professional assistance. It is very easy to configure the device. Moreover, the digital televisions do not require a prefix.

Summing up, I want to ask the distinguished colleagues from the media sector to pay attention to a really important issue that needs to be addressed to complete the transition to digital broadcasting. This is a problem of providing the population with digital receivers. Now the pace connect viewers to digital network T2 are 70 thousand households monthly, and need 120. The active participation of TV channels in informing the public.

The press service of LLC “ZEONBUD”