Gerashchenko accused the Russian security services in the dissemination in Ukraine of anti-Semitism

Russian special services spread in Ukraine anti-Semitic sentiment, the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The Deputy reminded that at the end of last year in Ukraine there was a wave of anti-Semitic offences.

“You probably remember how in November, suddenly came the news that a pig’s head thrown on the grave of the respected Jews of the Tzaddik in Uman. There was also information that in Chernivtsi during the visit of the speaker of the Israeli Knesset, suddenly appeared the inscriptions of anti-Semitic content. In the November-December spread anti-Semitic books. I can say that this is not just a spontaneous outburst, this again is a deliberate action of the Russian special services for sowing anti-Semitism in Ukraine”, – said Gerashchenko.

According to the MP, the security services of the aggressor country contribute to the development of the criminogenic situation in Ukraine. “Certainly, the growth of the crime situation is due to the impoverishment of the population. Russian special services inflame the situation, because it will have a negative impact on the overall stability in Ukraine,” he said.