The European Union — a supranational system and illusory

Against the background of voluntary withdrawal of the UK from the EU and a critical attitude to the European Union many European countries, the new French President believes that the answer is a strong Alliance and close cooperation with Chancellor Merkel.

One of the biggest problems of the Union is the lack of respect for the fact that the EU consists of 27 independent States with democratically elected parliaments, their own laws, courts, etc.

In addition, supporters of the Union does not take into account the large differences between the 27 countries of this Association. It is the economic, cultural, legal, social and other differences.

John Keegan (by John Keegan) describes in his book “War in Iraq” the concept of Olympism Professor Kenneth Minoga (Kenneth Minogue), where national self-determination and the exercise of power is replaced by the rational procedures through supranational bureaucracy, supranational legal systems and institutions. Examples of such supranational bureaucracy are the UN, the EU and the European court of human rights.

Luxury Danish prison

The EU with its Commission as the main weapon tries to make unnecessary individual governments, lacking sufficient funds for the execution of its decisions. Their means the authorities are treatises, laws and decrees.

This finds expression, for example, in the case of Eastern European criminals, in particular the Roma, who extort money from the homeless, for example, in Copenhagen. Have these criminals no other purpose of stay in the country, in addition to criminal activity.

Can we send these people? No, because they are EU citizens. Can we send back home of convicted criminals to serve their sentence in their country?

No, because the majority of prisons do not meet Danish standards. Such that match quite a bit. If you take prison in the UK, Germany, Belgium, and they are far from the Danish standard. But this, however, does not prevent us to send criminals to serve time in these countries, but not in Danish prisons, which are considered to be a luxurious hideaway.

The weakness of left parties

Another example is the current debate about child brides, where the Red-green Alliance and Alternative to believe that marrying young is normal, and that it has a right to exist, despite the Danish law.

In fact, it is believed that these parties are fighting for women’s equality. But no, in this case supported the so-called supranational human rights at the expense of Danish and European norms and values.

It is clear that a number of parties on the left including Radicals, for the sake of supranational laws and decrees prepared to sacrifice Danish values and norms, for which there were generations of our ancestors.

For us Danes, it’s time to Wake up and show a sense of pride in a society that has built generations of our predecessors. And try, accordingly, to influence the world for the development in this direction.

Unfortunately, our pride gets in close frame, when we repeatedly compromise and allow non-democratic norms such in particular as the principles of religion and the medieval laws that affect our society and our ability to think clearly. But the Danish standard should always be at the proper height.