Ganapolsky: When he is lying down with a bullet in the forehead, in Russia will scream that the Ukrainians killed the great Russian writer

Russian journalist Matvei Ganapolsky commented in Facebook information about the appointment of a Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, “Deputy battalion commander” in the so-called “DNR”.

“I don’t want to explore excitable cockroaches occupied the head “Keeper of the Ukrainians” prilepina, because he was a fascist in fact, like the Nuremberg researched such a long time. And of course, that Prilepin, … as the new “poet of war”, was supposed to appear in Russia. The only problem is that when our romantic smiling will lie on the Donetsk bridge with a bullet in the forehead, in Russia will scream that ukry killed the great Russian writer,” said he.

Journalists advised to stop Prilepin from participation in the war in Ukraine. “No writer will kill, and a washed-fashistko aggressor, which is not just go to the neighbor, but also, smiling, poetic novel about this wants to write. Look, there, in Russia, can stop that muzichka. Feel sorry for him. Explain to him that he mudachok that war is not a toy, but he’s not Fat. And although the puddle of blood on the pavement will be nice to shade his frozen smile, exactly as he would describe in his novel, try to explain to him that “literary commandos” lives only in his e@ – mentioned head and in my life for such a washed-up romance goes only bullet. What better “dog wedding” literature than a dog’s death,” concluded the host.

Yesterday it was reported that the Russian writer Prilepin fighting for “DPR”.

Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said that he could go to the Donbass to fight with the Ukrainian military in his heart.

On the website of the leader of fighters “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko reported that Prilepin, who became the “Deputy commander of special forces battalion” in the group gave an extraordinary “rank of major”.

At the same time the Prilepin said that he had received the rank of major in November 2016. He wrote about this in his LiveJournal. “The rank of major I received in November of last year, and it is dispersed in the Russian media as “news,” he wrote.