The Romanian authorities made concessions to the demonstrators

The Romanian government canceled on Sunday, the resolution on introducing amendments to the criminal code and the Amnesty for corrupt officials, which led to mass protests across the country, the Correspondent with reference to Romania TV.

As stated on the eve of Saturday the Prime Minister of Romania Sorin Grindeanu, he decided to take this step in order not to deepen the split in society.

We will remind, the government of Romania on the evening of 31 January, despite mass protests adopted a resolution dekriminalizirovat the number of crimes and allowed many corrupt officials to avoid responsibility. The resolution, in particular, decriminalize acts of corruption and cases of abuse of power and malpractice if the damages do not exceed 200 thousand lei (47 $ 800).

The need for an Amnesty for certain categories of criminals in the government previously explained by prison overcrowding. The European Commission on 1 February issued a stark warning to the government of Romania for the decision and stressed the need irreversible progress in the fight against corruption.

The government decision led to mass protests across the country.