As for 2016, there was an increase in communal and what has changed.

Ukraine 2015 is gradually moving away from subsidies low fares. Thus, the cost of communal services was gradually promoted to the level of the market. The most “painful” for the Ukrainians turned out to 2016. In the beginning the government took a decision almost two times to raise the price of gas, and after the national Commission, which carries out regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU), increased water rates, heating and electricity.

The light rose in price three times

Until February 2016, each kWh of electricity with consumption less than 100 kWh cost the Ukrainians at 45.6 penny, with consumption more than 100 kWh – 78.9 per penny. So, the family that spent 200 kWh of electricity per month, paying for light 124,5 hryvnia. According to the decision of the national Commission No. 220, from the first of March each kilowatt for households consuming less than 100 kWh rose to 57 cents, and the consumption more than 100 kWh to 99 cents. The family that spends 200 kWh, we had to pay 156 hryvnia, instead of the usual 124,5 hryvnia.

In September, according to the same decision, the light went up again. Now for each kWh for consumption of up to 100 kWh 71,4 have to pay a penny, and if you burn more electricity for each kW has to pay 129 cents. As a result, the family that spends 200 kWh you have to pay to 200, 4 hryvnia. Accordingly, the light for them for the year rose from 124,5 to to 200, 4 hryvnia.

Why expensive electricity. Ukrainians, as noted in the national Commission to the revision of the tariff paid only 21% of the real cost of light. As a result, the business was forced to pay extra for the population, and additional spending to be offset by the final price of goods.

Cold water has risen due to the light

Tariffs for water supply also establishes the national Commission. In June 2016 due to the rise of electricity prices and wage growth suppliers asked the Commission to reconsider their rates. Thus for each company the cost of their product (water) is different. So, Kyivvodokanal asked instead of 10.2 hryvnia per cubic meter to sell water for the hryvnia of 13.43. For example, a family that consumes 6 cubic meters of water per month, before the price increase paid for 61.2 of the hryvnia, and after – 80,58 hryvnia.

Why expensive water. In the structure of water tariffs 34% of the price of energy, which rose significantly. The old tariff did not cover the cost of supply, including energy costs. Because of what the utilities have accumulated more than 5 billion UAH debt for the electric power to power companies.

Gas went up almost two times

In early 2016, the Ukrainians in the winter paid for each cubic meter of gas 3,6 hryvnia (“social tariff”), from may per cubic meter of gas had to pay 6,8 hryvnia. For example, the family that burns 10 cubic meters of gas per month, before the price increase paid 36 hryvnia, and after – 68.

It is worth noting that the price of gas since the beginning of 2016 does not set a national Commission, and the government is their decision. Part of the gas Ukraine imports (domestic production for the needs of the country is not enough), the Cabinet decided to sell all the gas (and Ukrainian and foreign) price of imports.

Why expensive blue fuel. New market rate is formed according to the import parity: Ukrainians sell gas procurement price + transportation and taxes. Prior to the revision of the tariff the government had to allocate from the budget for subsidies of around 100 billion hryvnia, do not have the money to develop its own gas production.

Hot water has risen due to gas

After a rise in price of gas in July 2016, the cost of heating water has increased significantly. As a result, most suppliers were forced to turn to the National Commission to reconsider their rates. So, customers “Kievenergo” after the revision of the tariff paid per cubic meter of 83.1 instead of 40.9 hryvnia hryvnia. The tariff structure 58% of the cost of gas, 17% – taxes 7% – salaries and only 6% of the cost of the water itself. According to the adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers norms of consumption, the average family of three uses per month-5 cubic meters of hot water. Under the old tariff, to Kiev, this 204,6 hryvnia (of 40.92 per cubic meter). After the price increase – of 415.5 hryvnia.

The volume of a standard bath – 350 litres. To take a hot bath to residents of the capital will have to pay about 29,7 hryvnia (one liter of hot water at the new rate will cost about 8.5 cents). Approximately 30 liters of water, Ukrainians spend on washing your face and brushing your teeth daily is approximately 2.5 hryvnia.

Why expensive hot water. The structure of the tariff for hot water is greater than 50% of the cost of gas. For water heating have to spend more money. Without peresmotra rate heat producers will not be able to buy natural gas – the Ukrainians will be without hot water

Heating has hit wallets the hardest

Heating rate was also revised in July 2016. On average, the heating, estimated by the Manager of DTEK ESKO Sergei Svistun family in an apartment of 50 square meters can spend from 0.9 to 1.7 Gcal of heat per month. According to the rate of “Kyivenergo”, 1 Gcal is 1416,9 hryvnia. When you consider that during the heating season the average family use 1.3 Gcal, this winter will have to pay 1841,9 hryvnia for the heat (last year – 854,3 hryvnia).

It is worth noting that in each city of the national Commission adopted its rate of heat to a specific provider (depends on which energy source uses the provider).

Why did the Central heating. On heating have to spend more money because of expensive gas. No revision heat producers will not be able to buy gas, and the Ukrainians will be left without heat.