Why the pill is dangerous to drink coffee and pills in the shells it is impossible to chew

A large part of the pills should be taken with water, and know it all. But even knowing sometimes drink a pill for a headache cold coffee — and then complain that the medication isn’t working. What is fraught with such attitude to health, we explained the experts — Julia Sharupich, cardiologist of the highest category, and Victor Matsishin, a neurologist.


Sweet carbonated drinks are the components that when “meeting” with the majority of drugs form insoluble iron complexes, which reduces the efficiency of medications. This, incidentally, applies to ordinary mineral water. Though not all: alkaline water (on the label it referred to as bicarbonate) enhances the absorption of sedatives, analgesics, tetracycline, and sulfonamides. But when contact with other drugs mineral water also impairs their therapeutic properties.


They can not wash down medicine. Moreover, even drink tea and coffee for at least two hours after taking the medication is not recommended! The fact that some antispasmodics and anti-inflammatory is nitrogenous substance. With tannin, which contain the tea and coffee, these substances form insoluble compounds, reducing the therapeutic properties of drugs.


Acids contained in fruits and vegetables affect liver enzymes, which is involved in transport of therapeutic ingredients into the bloodstream. Also they change declared in the annotation to the medication “ability” of certain chemicals. So, juice increase the effect of non-steroidal analgesics (furazolidone, aspirin, nitrofuranov) — to the extent that these drugs, along with treatment, have a strong toxic effect. And zapivanie juices, for example, some antibiotics will reduce its effectiveness.


Them as foods that contain fat, can be taken with a fat-soluble vitamins — D, E, A, K and iodine-containing drugs. And although milk, enveloping all the same fat of the stomach wall, reduces irritating effect on them (seems to be benefiting the digestive tract), when taking other drugs milk, with proteins similar in structure to proteins contained in medical facilities, reduces full absorption drugs themselves.


Drink wine or vodka pills, of course, common people won’t. Well, the medicine in the injections does not pass through the digestive tract, through which the body gets the alcohol. Because many believe that the prohibition of alcohol during treatment due to the fact that intoxicating drinks — it is still a load on the body, which is now so exhausted by the disease. Actually that’s not it. Just alcohol interferes with the processes occurring in the liver. And makes some medicine pills and others of toxic drugs.


DRINK ONLY BEFORE OR AFTER A MEAL. On the mechanism and the suction efficiency of drugs is affected by the pH of the gastrointestinal tract. But it’s different — depending on digesting the digestive tract at the moment food or not. And for each drug the level of acidity or alkaline your. Because it is so important to consume the medication either before meals or after, or during meals in common, strictly as specified in the instructions. Also, you should definitely follow the recommendation to “drink plenty of water”: this means that less medication will not dissolve sufficiently, and then just pass through the body in transit.

DO NOT CHEW THE TABLETS. Biochemical processes in the absorption of drugs multi-stage and nonlinear. Because it is not necessary to swallow them if the annotation is specified before to hold in your mouth or drop on a sugar cube. Chew the medication, if it is not in powder form initially, and not worth it. The same applies to drugs in capsules: they are specially enclosed in a shell. Reason three: without the shell they will irritate the gastric mucosa; it is very important for an effective impact of the drug so that its dissolution has occurred in the intestine the medicine must pass through the stomach transit; the shell should provide a gradual release of the active substance.

TO OBSERVE THE PAUSE. If the annotation says that the drug is incompatible with one or another group of drugs, don’t mix them. After all, your medication and the “enemy” can form insoluble complexes neutralize mutually attribute to each other, and can and does cause the development of allergies (sometimes not immediate, and delayed). Because the difference between doses of drugs should be a minimum of 1.5 hours.
If the user has no information about compatibility, often it means not the absence of “opponents” have your medicines, only that medication has not been tested for compatibility. Because of the pause in this case, at least 30-40 minutes.

NOT TO REPLACE ANALOGS. And not because the generic product may contain the active substance of lower quality than the original drug. But because related drugs may have different mechanisms of absorption: some enter the body mainly through the liver, others through the kidneys. And making a replacement, you can drink a drug and still not get the effect from it or even hurt yourself if you do not have to order one of these bodies.

DO NOT USE THE PILLS WITHOUT THE BLISTER. Lying in the medicine Cabinet or handbag tablets without packaging can be expired, and therefore, at least ineffective. But even if you remember the expiration dates by heart, do not forget that under the influence of moisture or heat tablets without blister chemical reactions occur that can make the cure at least useless. And maybe also do harm.