Horoscope for may 14-20: Lions don’t need to rush to divorce, and the Scorpions need to financially help his family

ARIES. Friendly area requires material and moral investment, try to balance the earthly and the spiritual, the distortions of the requests is fraught with problems.

The strengthening of fraternal ties, where it is necessary to revise and weed out the “ballast” must be based on common spiritual ideals and practical interests. If there is not enough marital happiness, “to the left” jumping is contraindicated, next to the blessed companion, pray to him! Best until you find it. The Union will strengthen common interests, joint adventure and your unbeatable charm.

Enough to plow like a horse, work takes a back seat. Forward attracts and charms (half year) creative fireworks, switch arms on way favorite activities and Hobbies.

Also you play the role of the magician that make people happy.

Hold On Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Dev.

TAURUS. Avoid ultimatums, every action creates protivodeystvie. The success of fate in your hands. To make a rapid breakthrough into a brighter tomorrow you’re capable of through business debuts, action action, bright personal charisma. Go ahead, your task is to become the best, strong, smart, powerful.

To earn more, you must be not only creative and original, but also to work more than others, to take on additional powers, to exercise ingenuity, awareness, diplomatic talents. And be sure to maintain in harmony the working climate. Happy chances will come through colleagues and household.

Unfortunately, the job growth in the vertical is inhibited for a year and a half, so it is necessary. Curb career ambitions, this is an empty spray forces. Your personnel value the role of the generalist.

It’s time for the resettlement of the family nest and personal life. There and direct precious resources.

Make friends with the Rams.

GEMINI. Relax and quietly go with the flow of events, then there will be something that is written on the family. Meaningless sacrifice is contraindicated, you should make it clear to people that you are all passengers of one vessel, moving in the will of God, where parasitism is fraught with destruction.

Believe in the best of dreams have a huge impact on reality and are able to materialize. If your ideals are a sham, they are destined to crumble into dust. The main thing — to save partnerships, where the wicked intrigues.

See the world through our own glasses, our own position — the sacred, the taxi wisely. Other people’s thoughts and the installation is not your concern. They are bound to regress.

CANCERS. The principle of harmony and justice — the Foundation of your social, career, heart of prosperity. But, unfortunately, not so simple. The financial side is important and painful, this is the week of reckoning, debt collection. Not tricky, act honorably when mutual with others, do not operate brazenly friendships.

In the relationship “I — I”, which are tied to the material and the spiritual, place your order, this is the route of destiny (a) withdrawing the waste theme.

Until August 25 will have to stick to the old official career, to change jobs it makes no sense. Pull working the plow, trying to get the maximum satisfaction from loads. Here is the source of profit.

LIONS. Professional keep the powder dry. You are practical, economic and have to survive in a competitive race and keep the business afloat. The opponents are resourceful, original, pragmatic and to ignore them is dangerous.

However, to change horses on a crossing to be provided if the relationship was over. But note: now the fate of many people “snap” at you, the mission is responsible, so be maximum honest and noble.

Have breeding pairs of deja vu. If a rift is not an accident. In recent years there has accumulated a lot of “stuff”, maybe the feeling’s gone, love has become a duty and it needs to be urgently rescued. Take the reins in hand and act.

For fifteen years you have to be powerful, wise and charismatic commander in the marriage ship.

Do not rush to divorce, the fate of the Union in your hands.

VIRGO. Behave intelligent, demonstrating an example of high spiritual culture. Your image popularity at an inaccessible height, especially if you are dealing with the far edges, where you will be appreciated worthily. The majestic and the true is seen from afar.

“Marking time” for karmic reasons the service on the conquered positions, where he achieved professional excellence, completed, because it is regressive. If you limit the authority, or additional part-time work, the better. Switch to a favorite activity that inspires creative do charity.

Caring for the family is the primary goal, there is the painful working out of karmic tails, where Dodge is strictly prohibited.

Regarding material goods, do not worry, you will be provided with all full of happiness.

LIBRA. On the love front will seethe fiery passion. Faced with extraordinary requests (sexual, financial) heart of the elect, do not dare to desert from the battlefield, and show in all its glory the art of loving companion.

Immerse yourself in the past, there was a lot of inspired beautiful moments, promoterwise feelings, even if the heart oledeneli. To become a magician and to spark romantic fireworks marital idyll was destined not to you, but a harmonious complement. Support her!

SCORPIONS. Laid the business Foundation for cooperation for the next year. If satisfied with the current business team, like everything here, it means that you are phenomenally lucky with partners ( marriage, too), and do not twitch, the best allies will not find!

Now in the first strategic plan for career plans, the business (for half a year) — progress here, and poking around in the home nest to retreat into the past.

Home problems solve dedicated service to family, material funding. Perhaps it is a burden, but nowhere to go, debt (karmic) turn deserves another. The household is primarily friends with whom you have a fraternal relationship and a reliable rear, without which it is impossible.

ARCHERS. Concentrate major creative force and arsenals on the service front, here the material is forged the future. At work you are a master of all trades, the personality is bright, powerful, the boss happy, go for it, money you’ll earn.

The main thing — not to focus on the different contacts, less to “market” on an empty topic, to pry into someone else’s millet.

Form a circle of persons which includes old friends with whom you unite high spiritual values. Here you will be able to gain credibility, demonstrate talents and achievements, received a decent rating and the respect of others.

Married “taxi” alternately, look for a civilized compromise in times of disagreement. If the braid aggression partner will find the stone of your integrity — will mount.

CAPRICORNS. You a popular personality, if people are happy to twine around, respect, sympathy and love, so develop correctly. Be the detonator of happiness for others, then investment is good will return like a boomerang.

Fateful axis now passes through the sphere “give-on”, where there is a clear mutual. Honored get, life’s true reward. The whip or the carrot.

Taken over the last 8-10 years the excess will be disposed of within one and a half years. Pay on time, do charity and do not wait until you are robbed.

Make friends with the authorities (through strong world is good luck), be the Executive in the service, actively involved in the industry, and do not talk about confidential, only authorized persons throws the soul!

If plagued by sores (why, God!), secret casket just opened: it is the fate of the forcibly expropriated debt, correcting mistakes made in the past.

AQUARIANS. You are inclined to authoritarianism, imposing their views than laying a mine under the family Foundation. If you don’t like the environment, look for the cause in itself — it suffers unrealized introvert. The recipe is simple: curb the Ego and radically change your mentality, attitude to people, then, like magic, diametrically change the world, you are automatically weeded out those who do not meet your development.

The pledge of nuptial idyll — the ability to compromise, to play by the rules of the pious. Within one and a half years, they are your boss. Adjust — rebels facing the depression and divorce.

If alone, draw the other half will be the inner strength and beauty, but I choose not you, and you! And according to the principle: like attracts like.

FISH. Financial interest — a powerful incentive in contacts with people, bosses, friends. This is not a distorted manifestation of vile Mercantile nature, just now the earth is dominated by interests, instilling traits of pragmatism for optimal fulfillment. The week’s events motivated by karma, stories from the past again will make you go through some emotional experiences, much to rethink, successfully freeing the mind from toxins negative energies. Special efforts require relationships with people that you patronize, patronized. First of all, with women, older people, superiors. The business will also bring a lot of problems.

Bet on work starts here productive time (half a year) with a happy chance. The range of opportunities expands.

The unemployed eventually find their career path.