In the Russian Federation told about the danger of the policy of trump for the Kremlin

Russian political scientist Lilia Shevtsova believes that the policy of U.S. President Donald trump, unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama is a direct threat to Russia.

Shevtsova writes about it in his column on “Apostrophe”.

According to her, the statement of trump’s intention to rely on “national interest” means not only a rejection of democracy promotion in the world, but the rejection of compromise, and a willingness to use U.S. military power.

The analyst writes that the slogan “America first” is not a policy of isolationism and militant nationalism where there is no place of equality with Russia.

As Shevtsova noted, the statement of the President of the United States of intent to rely on in international politics at deals does not Bode well for the Kremlin, because trump understands the transaction only in the context of the axiom: “the Winner takes it all”.

Trump’s willingness to cooperate with Russia in combating terrorism, says the analyst, is an invitation to the Kremlin to fight against all Islamic civilization, which is a component part of Russian society.