Churkin said on “political alternative” to the shelling in the Donbass

The Poprad of Russia to the UN said that the shelling in the Donbass can stop if the Ukrainian government will take “political alternative”.

He said this during a meeting of the UN security Council, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“Meter by meter win back, please… That’s how many people should die so they meter by meter marched from the Town to the Ukrainian border? How many Ukrainian soldiers have to die and peaceful civilians? And this at a time when there is a political alternative, consistent with the participation of President Poroshenko two years ago,” – said Churkin.

“I hope today’s a Frank discussion will allow those who really want to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, more objectively look at things in Ukraine to push Kiev to the steps, without which no peace is established. And it would be tragic if the situation we faced in the last 2-3 years, has been delayed”, he added.

As reported, Ukraine’s permanent representative at the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko during a meeting of the UN security Council showed the government representative photos of the deceased Ukrainian military Andriy Dogwood and said, “Look in his eyes, you killed him!”.

Yelchenko also noted that it is not Poroshenko supplied weapons to the terrorists in the Donbas. “Russian weapons are killing Ukrainians and Russian mercenaries arrive in Eastern Ukraine to earn money on the killings,” – said the permanent representative of Ukraine.