Confession of a former Muslim

Fearing the reaction of my family, friends and environment, I write this line without mentioning his name.

If you in 2012 asked me if I wanted to in Norway, were living according to Sharia law, I no doubt would have said “Yes”. Today I have a completely different opinion. What happened?

I grew up in a very religious family. Everyone here had to read the Koran in Arabic. We had to memorize every prayer, and the stories about all the prophets of Islam.

Homosexuality was a sin. Jews and Christians were enemies of God. Atheists were snakes of the worst kind. Their fate was clear. They had to burn in hell. That was the plan of God.

As a kid you believe everything you adults say. Why would they lie? They’re not lying, Oh no, on the contrary, they believe every word. They believe the same stories they were told when they were children, and which, in turn, believed their parents.

During the whole time of my youth I believed this lie. Incorrect needs to burn in hell forever after death. Islam was a peaceful religion.

Women were not oppressed. Evolution was just a theory invented by immoral infidels who have turned away from God.


At 16 I fell in love with scientific and historical books, biographies of the most famous people in novels.

But there was one person who changed me completely — Charles Darwin.

Of course, I had still a lot to read and change my mind before I forever renounced Islam. Islam was not only inconsistent with everything science says, but find it difficult to understand the moral code to which many Muslims live.

Why must close a woman, not a man? How God could create the complex Universe, but was not able to make one book, the Koran, would not be interpreted different by different groups of believers?

Today I see how stupid I looked when I repeatedly defended Islam at various forums on the Internet.

Dangerous minds

Me the most depressing and angry Muslim extremists, and secular Muslims. They don’t understand what religion they profess.

Those who become Muslim extremists, Islamists, losers, call them what you want, is treated ideologically since childhood.

The reason for this situation may be other things, particularly the fact that these people feel rejected by society. But most people just don’t understand that the problem is not the extremists, and Islam.

Secular Muslims closing the curtains, not to see the actual problem.

They give the left liberals an important argument: Islam is peaceful and kind religion, and the Islamists categorically do not represent “true” Islam. These thoughts are dangerous for Europe.

The adoption

We indirectly accept the violent ideology. Many people use this argument, as the “West was violent in countries with a large Muslim population, and this is the reason of terror.”

But then why are other countries with non-Muslim majority is subjected to the same cruel actions, do not react the same way?

Islam certainly needs reform. But then Muslims need to call a spade a spade and understand that the original Islam is not as peaceful as they say.

Only in this way will we see true reformation of Islam.