Public utilities may allow to “hack” housing debtors without their consent

Access to housing debtors ask for permission to turn off utilities

The Verkhovna Rada is considering the authorization of access to housing for people who owe a payment for utilitiesto stop providing municipal services and prevent accidents.

For the adoption of the bill No. 2458 was voted 239 deputies with 226 required, according to “Ukrainian news”.

According to the text of the bill, Parliament intends to provide the opportunity to access the property without the consent of the owner in cases of necessity to save the life and health of people and/or property for inspection or for the prevention of accidents and for the limitation (termination) of providing utility services.

“Unauthorized access to housing, other real estate object for limitation (termination) provision of utilities occurs without the consent of the owner (user), if such owner (user) refuses to admit into its housing (other immovable property) of contractor’s representative”, – the document says.

In turn, experts have warned that the proposal is contrary to the anti-corruption legislation, and proposed to exclude from the bill a provision on the possibility of unauthorized access to the home, as this creates favorable conditions for the implementation of the corruption.

Earlier, in the capital introduced quarterly payments to consumers of apartment buildings.

In addition, was issued a draft new methodology for calculating the cost of transporting gas. In the case of the adoption of this document the delivery cost of gas may rise, depending on region, between 15% and 3.8 times, which clearly will increase the amount in the receipt for communal.

However, the Ukrainians, afford strong beat which accounts for the “communal” may issue grants. That has changed in the system of subsidies in the fall of 2019 ” and ” how to apply for assistance from the state, see the video of the website “Today”: