Trump and Putin will not become friends

Trump is in Putin’s pocket? The Russian security service there is a video that forty-fifth President of the United States are unlikely to want to see on YouTube, and because he held such notable Pro-Russian stance?

Unusual discussion due to the fact that the Pro-Russian position of the trump for many observers is unclear. It is not clear what he wants to achieve, so they try to find a reasonable explanation.

Strange how the Pro-Russian line of trump, so he holds it consistently. To my knowledge, he never criticized Putin. He carefully distanced himself from the Russian political system. “It’s a completely different system, and I’m not interested”, — he said. But trump Putin forgives even the death of critics of the regime. Because, according to trump, there is no evidence that this is the handiwork of Putin.

But we also know trump’s statement that if we will have to defend the Baltic States, the Balts “is also must pay their bills”, that is, to fulfill the contract of the NATO countries on the use of 2% of GDP on defense. For the first time in the history of NATO one of NATO countries expressed doubts about the performance of its obligations contained in the Atlantic Pact.

Important benefits

But maybe we are like the audience of the illusionist: blankly staring at something unimportant, we do not notice what is important. I think we pay too much attention to Russian politics trump.

Not because it doesn’t make sense. It makes sense. Both sides can win.

For Putin in this transaction we are talking about how to get rid of the sanctions, which are a particular burden, on whether to recognize the Russian Crimea and the freedom of action in Syria. And what trump can get instead, that’s what interested observers. And what Putin can offer the Trump, in addition to satisfying purely nartsissova needs praise and recognition?

In fact a lot.

Peace with Russia is, first and foremost, to cover the rear of the Trump in the struggle with China, to which he prepares. Then: trump, as he recently said in an interview to British The Times, can get agreement on nuclear weapons reductions, which will help both countries to save a lot of money.

Putin’s critics in the team trump

Much has been written about all the Putinists in the team’s trump.

This, of course, Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon), the old head of news portal Breitbart.

Appointed Minister of defence General James Mattis (James Mattis) in any case is not a Pro. During the hearings in Congress, he said very nice words about NATO and strong words about Russia. For him Russia was the first and most important strategic threat to the United States, and afterwards he said China and Islamist terror.

“I am strongly in favour of dialogue, but we should also know that Russia actually intends to do,” he said.

Candidate for the post of Secretary Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson) in advance caused suspicion, because it came from the oil industry, and there he at one time did business with Russia. Tillerson in 2008, very critical of the weak judicial system of Russia.

He later changed his mind and started talking about the authorities is good, but when it last week at the hearings in Congress, answered questions, then again were critical. Russia has now become “unfriendly opponent”.

According to Tillerson, the United States should respond militarily to the annexation of Crimea: “it was Necessary to conduct a show of force, to give a military defense response to inform you that this will never happen again”.

Probably Tillerson can be called pragmatic, even opportunist, but very Pro-Russian is not one of them.

Very often referred to a supporter of Putin is Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), a former Lieutenant-General, dark and obscure figure, which is characterized by a complete rejection of Obama’s policies in the middle East.

Flynn was with Putin at the gala dinner, hosted by television propaganda channel Russia Today.

But Flynn is not Putinists. He had the misfortune to present their point of view on events in the world in the little book “Field of Fight” that is, “Place of battle”, which does not say anything nice about Putin’s Russia. Flynn writes about world coalition directed against the United States, which includes Iran, North Korea and Russia.

Flynn believes that the US and Russia theoretically should create a reasonable Union in the fight against Islamist terrorism, but if you look at Russia’s behavior, “there is no reason to believe that Putin will go on cooperation with us, virtually everything will be different”.

In other words, I can’t see any Pro-Russian person in the administration trump. We will judge trump by his deeds, not by his words and his deeds while talking about what he appoints those who are critically disposed towards Russia.

He appoints those who harshly criticized China. Trump has created an entirely new body called national Board of trade (National Trade Council), the head of which he appointed Peter Navarro (Peter Navarro). The latter wrote a book “Death by China” (Death by China), and that’s it.

He’s not the only Chinese hawk among the newly appointed advisers trump. There is also David Malpass (David Malpass), which would be an economic adviser, and Robert E. Lighthizer (Robert E. Lighthizer), which will be the main person in negotiations on trade agreements.

Leithauser especially tough politician, who accused China that it is stealing American jobs by manipulating the exchange rate subsidies and using other dirty tricks.

That’s what trump is focusing his attention. He wants to wage a trade war with China. Russia plays a secondary role. And Europe he did not see it.