Waterless world: expert told than Ukraine face a scarcity of water in the rivers (editor-in-chief, Ukraine)

Well-known climatologist and geographer-meteorologist Vera Balabukha made a very pessimistic forecast about the future of Ukraine in conditions of water shortage of the rivers.

The expert explained what threatens Ukraine, the lack of water in rivers / UNIAN

In recent time, Ukraine continues to develop threatening situation malovodie rivers. She, in term, can greatly affect all Ukrainians.

This opinion was expressed in his column to the editor of renowned climatologist, geographer and meteorologist Vera Balabukha.

“The scarcity of water of the rivers in Ukraine is the result of changes in climate on the planet. Changing not only the thermal regime, but also the General state of the climate system: atmosphere, moisture regime, wind and hazards, changing hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere.[…] Ukrainian rivers are becoming shallow, ponds and marshes dry up and the groundwater level dropped by a meter and a half,” she said.

According to the data available Balabukh, small amounts of water along with unfavorable weather can lead to water shortages in the Ukraine.

“Ukraine belongs to the European countries that not too much water. But adverse weather conditions exacerbate the situation and lead to a shortage of water. Water is not a limitless resource. On the contrary, he is so restricted that we feel the deficit very soon, it will feel the present generation of Ukrainians.[…] In comparison with Europe, in Ukraine, even there is no culture of saving water, so we will have to get used to new realities. Inevitably, our country will begin to limit the supply of water, that is to give it by the hour. This is our close reality, we would come to this,” she said.

Earlier, Olga Denisik, head of practice “Water” the world wildlife Fund, has said, if Ukraine will continue the annual drought, the State water Agency in the near future will be forced to limit the free use of Ukrainians of water.