Audit of Ukraine’s foreign policy: developing relations with the EU, USA, China and Russia

The Institute of world policy presented an analysis of Ukraine’s foreign policy, which analyzed our relationship with the EU, the US, China and Russia. “Today,” visited the presentation of the report to find out how was the connection of our country with its major partners and neighbors.

METHOD. “The index of relationship” made after the monitoring and analysis of the most important events of Ukraine’s foreign policy over the last three months of 2016. Analysts of the world policy Institute (UTI) put each of the episodes a certain number of points. The sum of all the scores in the end allowed us to understand how the relationship developed, for example, with the United States. So, for the positive statements made by foreign politicians in Ukraine, experts predicted 1-2 points, and for the signing or ratification of important treaties — from 4 to 6. For negative actions points were deducted — the most serious “shortcoming” in the research is considered to be the severance of diplomatic relations and military operations (up to minus 10 points).

THE EU AND THE USA. So, the relations between Ukraine and the European Union received a score of 65 — 75 positive negative 10 “free”. Negative steel friction with the Netherlands and the European Commission’s decision to increase the capacity of the OPAL gas pipeline, which connects the Russian “North stream” gas pipeline system of the EU. Above all, analysts have estimated a EUR 200 million loan from the European Bank investicionnogo transport of Ukraine (5 points) and extend anti-Russian sanctions until 31 July 2017.

“Everything depends on the political effect of that decision. For example, if this year we will give bezviz, it will add to our relations with the EU 5-7 points”, — told the “Today” expert UTI Leonid Litra. Relations between Ukraine and the United States was worse: only 22 points — 28 positive minus negative 6. Most points gave aid to $350 million for Ukraine’s defense capability and the extension of sanctions against Russia. Negatively on the rating of relationships was influenced by the victory in the presidential election Donald trump and his desire to appoint a Secretary Rex Tillerson, who opposed sanctions against Russia.

CHINA AND RUSSIA. Our relationship with China experts gave 26 positive points and one negative — in the end 25. Minus Ukraine has received over the “disinterest of the rank and file officials” in relations between the two countries. “Never in the history of our country such a powerful friendship group — 237 MPs, which visited China. But what is the output? There is flying, the whole delegation, and the media — zero. The only information that was covered, the meeting of heads of delegations, President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko and Deputy head of the Chinese football Federation”, — said the expert of Asinstitute strategic studies Andriy Goncharuk.

Russia was the only one whose relations with Ukraine have had a negative balance of only 7 positive points, but negative 39! Two positive points were awarded to the Ukrainian side release of 15 militants and the decision at the Berlin summit “channel four” to develop a road map for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Worse on relations with Russia has affected the resumption of hostilities on the arc Svetlodarsk and November reports of the OSCE about the record number of attacks in the Donbas.

China is a hail Mary, but those who help themselves

During the presentation of the study, many experts noted that Ukraine needs to pay special attention to China. He, according to them, can be a guarantor of Ukraine in the geopolitical arena, and even replace in this matter the United States. However, political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko said: despite the positive signals from China, it is necessary to be careful. “To develop these relationships is required. But remember that China is very selfish acts in its relations with other countries. By the way, exactly the same will also operate a trump. That is why we need to act carefully and to be mindful of our interests.”