Russia will start to bypass Ukraine 240 trains

Russia is building elektrifizierung railway bypassing the territory of Ukraine in the area of zhuravka-Millerovo. The capacity of the site after its commissioning up to 240 trains per day in both directions this was announced by Vice-President of RZD Oleg Tony.

“The capacity of this area after completion of construction will be in accordance with the schedule. Only in the summer period, the passenger train goes 62 in each direction, and the same freight”, – he said.

According to Tony, is currently in the construction of a railway employs 2,500 builders and 1,500 units of equipment. This year will be laid over 150 km of rails.

A railway bypassing the territory of Ukraine will be held in the territories of Voronezh and Rostov regions. It is planned to build seven railway stations and five substations.

As earlier reported, Russia has called the timing of the launch of the railway bypassing Ukraine. The cost of construction of such a line to Russian Railways in 2015 was estimated at 45-60 billion rubles.

The Department explained that the road needed to “have a stable, confident and independent movement in the southern direction.”