Bow to Mr. Putin?

At a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa may on Friday, the President of the United States Donald trump declined to comment on the question of lifting sanctions against Russia imposed over the annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the Donbas. He only said that he wants “good relations” with Russia and Vladimir Putin. By the way, as noted by CNN, the press conference lasted 19 minutes and was the shortest compared to all of the press conferences of the previous head of the White house. And the audience was 7 million viewers, compared with 17 million viewers who watched the first press conference of Barack Obama in 2009.

In turn, Mrs may said that the sanctions imposed against Russia over Ukraine must remain in force until the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

By the way, on the eve of the British Prime Minister delivered a speech before leaders of the Republican party. And she encouraged indirectly and a Republican President to treat the relations with Russia. She in particular said: “When it comes to Russia, it often makes sense to look to the example of President Reagan, who in the course of negotiations with his counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev used the saying “trust but verify”. With President Putin, my advice is “work, but beware.”

While the British Prime Minister emphasized: “We should engage with Russia from a position of strength. And we need to build relationships, systems and processes that make cooperation more likely than conflict and, in particular, after the illegal annexation of Crimea, to give confidence Russia’s neighboring countries that their security is not questioned. We should not jeopardize the freedom that Reagan and Thatcher brought to Eastern Europe, taking the demand of the President Putin that now it is his sphere of influence”.

Therefore, it is not clear whether listened to trump its strategic ally, the UK, and did the appropriate conclusions. But his words at a press conference that “I don’t know this gentleman” — Putin, but I hope to have a good relationship with him, alarming, as well as his comment that the EU is very difficult to deal with, and much easier with individual countries. Thus, he demonstrated that it did not support a strong EU, which coincides with the views of Putin.

Add trouble words of trump Kellyann Conway, who on Friday told Fox News that the removal of fines and penalties “being studied”. “I suppose that they will discuss — in the interests of their countries to cooperate on issues where we can find common ground, and how these two Nations could, potentially, to combat radical Islamic terrorism,” she told CBS News.

On Thursday, the journalist of the American edition of Politico, Susan glass said that in the administration of the trump is “a draft decree, which will soften sanctions against Russia.” “I heard that the trump is a draft decree that would soften sanctions against Russia. Will he be signed before Tillerson will become Secretary of state?” — wrote on Twitter journalist Susan glass.

However, the Kremlin said that you can’t assess the accuracy of these reports.

“Know nothing about this, and, as I understand it, the information is impersonal and not know if it’s true”, — so commented on this question, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

On Sunday it became known that U.S. senators are preparing a bill that would prevent the Trump to lift the sanctions against Russia. Among the initiators of the project there are both Democrats and Republicans.

Influential Republican Senator John McCain on Friday expressed the hope that Donald trump will put an end to speculation about a possible lifting of sanctions against Russia.

“The planned telephone conversation of the President of Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin is among the common speculation that the White house is considering lifting sanctions against Russia…. I hope that President trump would put an end to this speculation and reject this reckless course,” — said on the official page of Mr. McCain’s Facebook,

“If he does not, I and my colleagues will work to codify sanctions against Russia the law”, — said Mr. McCain.

“It is important not to allow the White house to use Brakeset as a way of prosecution of poorly-conceived vendetta against the EU”

Edward Lucas, senior Vice President of the Center for European policy analysis:

That is, the MS may convey to trump about the importance of allies and the dangers posed by Russia, would be welcome. But it is important not to allow the White house to use Brakeset as a way of prosecution of poorly-conceived vendetta against the European Union.

“Premature concession for the lifting of sanctions against Russia would be very controversial”

John Herbst, Chairman of the Eurasian centre the Dean Patrici American Council, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Washington:

— In some cases as a presidential candidate and newly elected President Donald trump thought about the easing of sanctions against Russia. He offered a different possible justification for this — for helping in the fight against ISIS and gratitude for reaching an agreement on reducing nuclear weapons — he tries to find the right formula to justify what he wanted to do. But this premature concession for the lifting of sanctions against Russia would be very controversial. A bipartisan majority in Congress and its own team of high-ranking officials on national security of the President and our NATO allies would have recognized this as a sign of weakness which could allow Putin to avoid punishment for his war of aggression against Ukraine. Against this background, the statement of Kellyann Conway on Friday that the administration trump is considering the easing of sanctions is: 1) trial bullet and 2) a nod to Mr Putin to guarantee Mr. Trump a pleasant telephone conversation with the Russian leader on Saturday. Comments of the Prime Minister, may constitute a public testimony of the discomfort felt by our allies, while the new administration is discussing a tactical move to dismiss as principles and American interests in a strong and stable Europe. Sharp criticism of Senator McCain is a symptom of the problems that such a reckless step will create in Congress for the administration.