How Pets help to cope with sadness and stress

The benefit of having four-legged pet has long been proven by scientists. Pets help to cope with sadness and stress for older people, students and even patients with serious pathologies. The specialists of the Ohio state University in the USA conducted a major study, which found that Pets have a positive effect on the psyche of even the young and perfectly healthy people, writes

Pet therapy

The origins of the treatment of psychological diseases with animals go to the end of the 18th century, when Yorkshire mental hospital for the treatment of patients began to use dogs. Even then, the doctors said that animals have a positive impact on patients. In the course of therapy, patients demonstrated decreased aggression and frequency of the attacks.

Today canistherapy (therapy dogs) and felinoterapiya (therapy cat) is widely used to improve the condition of children suffering from autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and other abnormalities. According to specialists, children improve coordination, decreasing spasticity, significantly improves the memory.

Essential animaloterapiya is for rehabilitation of seriously ill patients after surgeries, depressive disorders, non-endogenous symptom of character, psychosomatic disorders, and the treatment of post-traumatic stress.

Special mention is the “cat therapy”. Cats can have a serious help for people suffering from various psychological diseases and nervous disorders, brain damage, disorders of the cardiovascular system and even alcohol and drug addicts. Communication with cats is indicated for depression, neurosis, mania and schizophrenia. The animal warmth and tactile sensations that arise when stroking, allow patients to relax, and the cat’s purring helps to normalize blood pressure, reduce levels of aggression and even helps to heal wounds and strengthen bone tissue.

How Pets help to cope with sadness and stress

Animals live according to their own schedule, in which the emphasis of life correspond to the daily cycle. That is a dog or a cat will Wake you up early, and will require walks or a morning feed. And it will be for you sufficient reason not to stay in bed until noon.

Morning walk with the dog helps to strengthen immunity, benefit the heart and also help to lose weight. If you feel slightly lethargic and inactive, the dog will teach you to be more cheerful, open and decisive.

No less effective a cure for the Blues is to communicate with cats. Have you noticed that the Internet is full of videos with funny shots of the cat’s antics? These animals are extremely curious, and, having got a kitten, your house is an endless source of amusing incidents and situations. In addition, cats are treated from needless worry and excessive fatigue warmth of his body and a characteristic “rumbling”.

But not only dogs and cats are “pet therapists.” Stress and depression are doing great and other Pets: aquarium fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters and even insects. Recently in pet stores appeared the so-called “ant farm”. Watching little hardworking insects are extremely interesting. People can learn from ants who work day and night hard feet. And, possibly, soon will appear ant therapy, whereby people will be able to overcome the psychological barriers, to develop willpower and learn to achieve your goals.