TOP 6 small cars with big motors (photos)

The movement of this beetle results in a radial aircraft engine. To tip over backwards on acceleration, he did not threaten motor rotates the wheel, and a pusher propeller. And all this design runs on propane – says “Motor”.

This Mini was built by the firm of Cummins and drive it, in secret, cannot. On the platform behind the body of the ship is installed a motor with a capacity of 4400 horsepower.

Under the hood of this Fiat 500 is the engine Lamborghini V12 580 horsepower. Only one track of this monster had to expand in half. The most interesting thing that made this “mod” on the basis of the old “Cinquecento”, which was much less modern version.

This machine appeared at the traditional homemade supercars scenario – someone really wanted a Ferrari, but the money was just for the Citroën 2CV. The owner only managed to get parts from written-off Ferrari 355 and Supplement “Citroen” original kit.

About value T Ford for the automotive industry and mankind has been said a lot, but during the life of the car, of course, never put large motors. On this hot rod based on the model T is just not a V8… there’s two of Them!

The Creator of this crazy hot rod on the basis of “Isatty” received a just – bought toy “Whatta Drag” series of Hot Wheels and “just” made it a reality. From the original remained only the cabin. The rest: steel frame and 730-horsepower Chevy V8.