What is petrotilapia and why psychotherapists “cheat” patients

Each person known to health formula in which the sun, air and water have become fast friends. They enhance immunity, adjust metabolism in cells, improves function of all organs and thus from vacation on the coast people returned, and it hurts less.

Training therapy a person receives due to contrasting effects of solar heat and cool the water, and because air baths teach his body to function normally in any temperature conditions.

But, it turns out that the flow of air revitalizes not only due to the hardening. Therefore, we will understand why and how to use wind with maximum health benefits — if you certainly trust alternative medicine.

Our experts:

  • Victoria Helenic, master of the International Association of Feng Shui
  • Alla Chaykovskaya, psychotherapist, bioenergetics.


We can say that the flow of air is the beginning of all beginnings. It kindle fire is one of the five elements that make up the cycle in the human environment. Fly ash, which leaves behind the fire, becomes part of the earth and gives rise to the formation of metal in it. The one from the earth gives the water that nourishes the tree, becoming further “food” for the fire, and so on. Thus, on a metaphysical level — and our health is not only the health of our body — the air is a source of energy, and the wind was her carrier. Drive same information, as you know, water, people, recall, consists of more than 75%.

Skeptics who believe that the air is healthy solely because of oxygen, experts advise to pay attention to a simple fact: in any well-ventilated area people do not feel so cheerful as the outdoors. Especially if that is not necessary, and is dispersed by the wind.


In strong wind — when the trees fall to the ground and from the air stream of breath, to wander is not: knocking down the flow of air, as any “not too much”, can hurt health: the interception of the breath causes the muscle clamps, and about any improvement we can not go.

Especially at risk such petrotilapia for people like fire (they are distinguished by above-average growth, irascibility and love for risk): excess of energy, obtained through the strong wind will strengthen and without that their “explosive” nature.

In this weather to get revitalizing effect people except that you have an open water source, located in a valley, forest or mountains — in these places the wind every few stops.


Substituted the wind must be at least 10 minutes and better with no clothes on. But if you go to the beach or in the woods does not work, exposed to wind must be at least hands and face, and clothes — blown, made of light fabric.
The East wind carries the energy of action. Because if you can not venture on any action or decision, if you feel that you don’t have the guts, come a day when the wind is East direction, and get the required push.

The West wind is needed for those who are agitated, and the nerves wound up to a limit he will give us the energy of peace. Also signs of excess aggressive energy of conflict, hype and sarcasm.

South wind invigorates and awakens hidden reserves, therefore suitable for those who need the disclosure “second breath” and who want to shake things up. It’s also necessary to those whose strength at the limit. Signs of exhaustion it is easy to detect: everything goes wrong, disease we cling to the second, and in the morning the person feels fatigue, even if you slept enough.
The North wind is able to cool the heat and make the head cold, which means you will be able to think and act carefully.


The amount of inhaled and exhaled air affect the efficiency of petrotilapia and the rate of occurrence of the effect. Imagine that the abdomen you have a washcloth. On the inhale it absorbs air and inflated, and the output is squeezed and pushes the exhaust air through the nose.

Another caveat: men with wide chest pick up air but don’t breathe it to the end, and women because of wearing a bra, pinching the chest, can not really breathe.

To reduce the negative effect of inconsistent breathing, in both cases, the breath 5-15 minutes, breathing in the wind full chest (deep), and before the exhale — hold your breath for a time equal to your breath.