What is it, the future of Ukraine?

In order to answer this question, we should not listen to politicians, experts, opinion leaders. Anyway, you tell tales that they do not believe themselves.


One will tell you that he would soon hold a parade in Sevastopol, the second that very soon will take us to Europe, and the third will say that the first two huckster, but you need to believe him, so the first two hang on the redoubt and then begin to live…


Listen to their plans and fantasies — the translation time. And believe so even more. Everyone, without exception. It’s time people, situational required at this stage. Someone lightly push our growing up, someone emphasizing populism, trying to return to the infantile.


I know that the future of Ukraine, now studying at the schools, look at us, draw their own conclusions, joking with us, but while listening.


Our task is to protect them from the scoop, to grow as free people. Despite the price of gas, the war and the gravity of being, just let them grow up without violence shovels over their psyche.


When I watch the video from the Crimea where kids under “…Just the weapons are polite…” shout “Thank you” metal killer, or with plastic guns thrown into the crowd imaginary grenades, I remember the whole fake-pathetic tragedy of the propaganda teams of his childhood. All this black and white world: we are always good and right, but they are always bad people and the enemies and we simply must destroy to save the planet. Being the best reader at school, I was involved in all this *you are constantly spending it on a bunch of your children’s time.


Therefore, any political parties and movements I personally will not help. Still we do not have any ideological party, not a single civil movement with a sane perspective program, which could be discussed. All of the modern Ukrainian party created by the oligarchs, oligarchs ‘ money and to serve the interests of the oligarchs. And we, as Indians beads, slip the portraits on billboards and beautiful party naming…


Don’t want to. Wait.


But kids to maintain ready and as I try to do it. My friends know that we have organized remote programming courses for kids from 10 to 15 years. Not everything went smoothly, but the process is. The kids are trying, worried, gnaw granite. Not all of course, of those who enrolled, but those who go forward, are worthy of great respect, despite his young age. And they think outside the box. And surprise.


Here’s how for the job to describe in your own words the while loop (a loop that repeats until the execution of a specific condition), answered the young man by the name of Eugene:


“I go to school, this cycle lasts for 9 years = 14 years of life, that is, every day except weekends I routine go to school. 16 if the loop terminates (I finish school)!”


Well, isn’t that cute? Such pain in the words “routine go to school.”


Here it is the future of Ukraine!