In the state Duma of Russia made territorial claims to Kazakhstan

In the state Duma of Russia made territorial claims to Kazakhstan. This was stated by the so-called “Deputy” of the state Duma of Russia from the temporarily occupied Crimea Paul Speraw on the roundtable in the lower house of the Russian Parliament on the problems of Russian compatriots.

“We are a great country and needs to protect its interests around the world by all available forces. We have enough forces, it is necessary to conduct propaganda, all is not lost in the so-called near abroad”, – he said.

According to Shperova, “when we, for example, in Kazakhstan called our compatriots of the Diaspora, it is our lands that were temporarily seized. Borders are not eternal and we go back to the borders of the Russian state. It will be in the near future.”

It sure cannot be called “compatriots in the near abroad” “Diaspora”, so as thereby they are “cut off from Russia, equating with compatriots in Australia”.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the placing on the border with Ukraine troops, Russia openly demonstrates its readiness to full-scale invasion.